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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by c_indalite, Sep 12, 2003.

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    Okay, a long time ago back in 1995 I moved from California to Nevada. I had a contract with Ballys and reading the contract, it said to discontinue my contract (because of moving) I was to provide Ballys with a letter stating the date I was moving and the contract would be cancelled. I wrote my letter and gave it to one of the reps AT the gym (was never told it had to go to anyone else). Fast forward a few years, I started getting debt collection letters and calls from a collection agency wanting the money. I informed them that I'd given them plenty of notice and explained to them how (and of course because I was about 22 at the time, didn't think to keep a copy of the letter...duh). At that time I never knew if they reported this on my credit report.

    I continually (like yesterday) get collection or settlement notices to pay over $600. I've continued to ignore them. I know it's way out of the SOL and it's not on my report. Should I just disregard these letters or should I sent them something back or would it be opening some sort of can of worms?

    I just found out that many people were screwed over by Ballys (contracts not cancelled for moving out of state, etc.) and I wish I'd known there was a class action to be filed back in 99. Ah well.

    Any advise would be helpful and appreciated of course.

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    Can't get out of it for MOVING out of state???

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    Have you tried searching on Bally's here? I vaguely remember others talking about them. I don't remember what happened though.
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    It has been "STANDARD" in the industry (OR WAS) to allow an "OPT-OUT" for moving OUT OF STATE...I even think it was STATE LAW IN CA might be in CO...

    I "think" they are one of the FEW things you have a 3 DAY RIGHT TO RESCIND THE SALE ON...

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    Send the CA a C&D.
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