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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Gai-jin, Sep 7, 2003.

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    I have a car loan several years old, which shows 120+ past due on at least one occasion. It's long since paid off, and reflects as such. However, I'd like to have the lates removed. (Or the entire listing? Which would benefit me more?)

    The bank which owned the loan has since been bought out by Wells Fargo. I've written a goodwill letter to the original bank at the address listed on my credit report, and just received a response from wells fargo that I must contact their Credit bureau dispute department at 1-800-xxx-xxxx.

    Where should I go from here? If I write a validation request to the address listed on the credit report, are they responsible for validation, or will they just write back and tell me to call the 800# again? Am I responsible, once receiving their response, for contacting their proper department?

    Should I dispute w/ the CRA and see where that goes?


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    1* What is the procedure for Validation with OC's?Is it the same as for CA's?
    2**What validation letter is used with OC's and where can I get a copy?
    Also, using the Validate, Estoppel and ITS sequence does anyone have a good ITS letter?
    3**I have a couple of CA's that have not validated or refuse to accept a validation letter.
    4**For the one that refuses to accept the validation letter, how soon should they get the estoppel letter which I'm sure they will refuse to accept also.
    5**Another one has gotten the estoppel letter and has not responded and the information on the CRA has not changed which means they have not updated so how soon should they get the ITS?
    1*Dispute which isn't the same.
    2*You dispute them.
    3*How do you know they refuse?
    4*Send it 30 days after they signed Gr.Card.
    5*15 days after they got estoppel.

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    Did I miss something, or did you just reply to the wrong post?


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