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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by godaddyo, May 25, 2001.

  1. godaddyo

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    About two years ago, I apply at my bank for a credit card. I talked to the loan officer and she said that they would use information that they recieved form trans union in their decision. At that point in time I had a lot of negatives on my equifax report so I was happy about that. They gave me a $5g to start with and I was happy with that. Well now times have changed and I needed more credit each month for exepenses and so forth. Since my bank never give increases on their own, I had to go in and reapply for a credit line increase. I asked the LO what credit reporting agency they would use in their decision and they said Equifax. I figured what the hell, since I am still having collections reported to equifax, maybe Ill get the card and if I dont that would just be more ammunition towards one of the collectors that was screwing my credit up for no good reason. Either way I win, Right? Nope, 5 minutes later she comes out and tells me that I have been turned down due to my debt to income ratio. I almost died laughing due to the fact that my debt to income is almost nil, zero, not penny except for my mortgage and insurance I am pretty well off. While I am talking to her I find out that they didnt use Equifax at all they used Trans Union. I then replied, "you told me that you were going to use equifax in your decision". She said that they go back and forth between both. I asked why she said they would use equifax and she replied"well, that is usually who we use". This really pissed me off, then I found out that she had messed up my income when inputing the information. She was $20g off with one keystroke. I asked her if they would review my application once again. She said they would have to do another inquiry. I told her only if you remove the last one that you made. She said it was not possible and by this time I had enough. I asked to speak to the branch manager. It took almost another hour to straighten this mess out. They both swore up and down that they could not remove the negative inquiry. I just couldnt understand why they just couldnt use the one they pulled an hour before. They said it wasnt allowed under company policy. I asked them to get their boss on the phone. They did and it was all resolved, after much deliberation. What is wrong with this picture?
  2. Reshod

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    So what was the outcome?
  3. godaddyo

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    They anylized my request using the information inquiry that they just made an hour before and I got the increase in my credit line, a nice ending, but what a pain in the rear!!
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    Right on, godaddyyo...

    I'm glad to see that someone OTHER than me will not stop until you get the result you want(companies try to make you feel as though you do NOT know your rights;but I refuse to do business w/any company that I cannot get to the top dog, if needed).

    Sister Girl

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