Bank FRAUD - BOYCOTT Ohio!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by needadvice, Aug 26, 2001.

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    Over 50,000 Victims - 10,000 filed complaint with OHIO Attorney General. AG sues company 8-2000. Company Stold $540,000,000!!!!! (540 Miliion!!!) But let's them operate and open under same name but under NEVADA Corporation! to fight chargebacks by cardholders (REG Z - FRAUD). Banks know the FACTS! Yet nobody is PROTECTING the cardholder/consumer. Therefore the BOYCOTT of OHIO.
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    People please look at this site because if you think BANKS Protect you from "FRAUD" charges then your WRONG!!! Your BIG Banks RATHER Support ORGANIZED CRIME then issue you CREDIT. PROOF is in this case mentioned at:
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    FRAUD Meaning this company promised product, sent product to 50,000+ customers, product never worked and then company runs off with $540,000,000.00 ($540 Million!!!)
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    I hate to see that people lost money, but, wasn't this a 'pyramid scheme'? Shouldn't they have been a little leary about putting there money up for shady practices anyway? A pyramid scheme 'works' by essentially taking money from someone else, and expecting them to do the same. Someone is ALWAYS going to loose, no matter what.

    Again, I am sorry to see that people lost money but I also would hate to see GOOD companies be targeted by a 'boycott' simply because of their geographic location.

    I, myself, would have a hard time supporting this cause.

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    I've tried a goodly number of these supposed business plans over the years.

    I've only found a couple of them that produced any money whatever.
    One of them is Cognigen which produces me about $50 every 3 months and selling cigarettes on line which does do pretty decent to say the least and provides me with a nice check every month and continues to grow every month as well.

    Other than that, I've not seen one of them produce anything at all but more work.

    I understand that some folks can and do make excellent money with some of these programs.
    At least to hear them talk about it, but I've just never had much luck with them.

    But HEY! Dig that crazy volume of emails one gets out of it!

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    I'm sorry they lost money, but PYRAMID SCHEME~~~~RED FLAG!!!!
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    So your saying it's just that OHIO let's a company Steal $540 Million? And to KNOW the facts and let the CROOKS run FREE to open and continue their BILLION DOLLAR CRIME SPREE? It's Not Right!
    Their is MUCH More to this!

    If you wish to learn more please visit this link:
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