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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by moneymil, Jun 6, 2000.

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    How long is a bank lien against a vehicle? And do you need to be notified that a lien was filed? We own an old 1981 vehicle that was collatoral for a small loan, which defaulted. We have never been notified that a lien was filed, but we did get a few threatening phone calls within the first year of the default (1985). Now we want to sell the car, but do not know if there is a clear title, and don't want to stir up the collection process if we apply for a lost title for this vehicle....any suggestions?
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    Call your local registry and ask them if there is a leinholder on your title.

    Tell them you used it as collateral for a loan a while back, and just want to make sure everying is correct.

    Typically, at least here in MA, you have to file a form with the RMV for a lein to be placed on your title. This is typically done as a requirement for financing.

    Then, after you pay the note, they sign a release on the title and mail it to you.
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    I wouldn't think a 19 year old car is worth very much. Typically on automobile titles the lien has to be recorded directly on the title. If it's not there, it's probably clear. It depends on how you state's title system works though. Typically you just sign over the title at the time of sale and the new owner takes it to the DMV, and applys for a new one and registers the car. I don't think they would set up a system where the new owner would get 'stuck' because the previous owner had an undisclosed lien on the vehicle.

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