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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jaboom97, Sep 1, 2003.

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    My fiancee applied online from a pre-approved offer for a Platinum visa offer from Bank of America NA. She was instantly denied from her Equifax credit report. She has no negatives on her report just a shorter history with 2 installment accounts and 8 revolving accounts, many fo which I am joint cardholder on, oldest tradeline is from 01/2002. She only applied after she received the pre approval and was going to transfer a small Capital one balance of 315.00 to this card at 0%bt and purchases until next year 2004 for a year, with a credit line of up to $12,000.00. She received instant denial after 30 seconds, and no down counter offer to a partially secured card was provided.

    For those that have been instantly denied credit from Bank of America online, did they provide the counter offer for the partially secured card(99 deposit 500 c.l.) instantly online, or did it come with your denial letter? Should we try for reconsideration through PFB? Her Fico fluctuates between 670-700. It is now around 680. The only bad thing is we just opened a Citi Platinum select card in Aug 2003, and it already is reporting on all 3 reports.(sheesh that is quick) Utilization is low as we pay off balances every month, except for her Cap 1 acct.(which is a worthless account)

    Bank of America pulled Equifax for her in Columbus, OH, this is also the report that they pulled the PRM on in July 2003. We would really like to receive this card and do away with her Capital One, since it does nothing for her.

    Her reasons for denial were in the following order.

    1. Relatively new credit history
    2. Too many recently opened accounts.
    3. Too many recent inquiries

    Her oldest tradeline is from 01/2002--Sky Bank, most recent is from 08/03--Citi

    Citi pulled our Equifax reports when we applied for the Platinum Select card, and were approved, so that inquiry is on this report also. We were aiming for Bank of America to pull TU(where she has no inquiries), but they fooled us by pulling Equifax.

    The 0% would be nice--we can still use the 0% offer from Citi, since our account is still new and qualifies still for the 0% offer for BT's, but we were using the Citi card already and wanted to temporarily use the BOA card to BT from her Cap1 visa acct and establishe with one last Prime bank. Have a CHase Platinum as well, so we were aiming to have three Prime cards and ditch Capital One

    Do you think her chances for reconsideration approval will be good? I hear Robin is pretty favorable in reconsideration on these accounts. Perhaps we will get lucky. Any suggestions, comments etc are greatly appreciated.

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    I know almost nothing about B of A but I see people post on here all the time that they were accepted after they requested reconsideration via Good luck!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

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    Call 602-597-2355 & ask for Robin she works in the Exec office. I was denied at first and did a pfb and was approved after talking to her.

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