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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by scottbat, Oct 2, 2003.

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    I have a problem.My credit report is showing a charge-off for an account and it was included in my bankruptcy.I sent a letter to greenpoint credit that I got from this site.This was 3 weeks ago.About a month ago I found out about this discrepency when my security claerance from work came back.I had to go all the way to south carolina to get copies of my bankruptcy to give to my employer.Ive talked to greenpoint and they have said they can list the account as a charge off because its a loss.The account numbers on the bankruptcy(from 1999) match up to the credit report.I asked for a manager and the cust service rep transferrred me to someguys voice-mail.I contacted an attorney and he said I had a case.You see greenpoint just started reporting this as a charge-off this year.He said I could sue under fcra and they are breaking the bankruptcy statutes.He also said it would be hard to find an attorney for this.I have verified this account over the past year.It always comes back as mine.It is mine im not fighting that.It needs to show included in bankruptcy for my security clearance.Also recentlly ive been trying to get a va loan.The mortage company said I have to take care of this charge off.What should I do?Verify with cras again except this time send bankruptcy papers?I have a credit report from 2002 that says included in banruptcy for this account.Also do any of you have a number for greenpoint where I can talk to an intelligent person?Or do you know if I can serve papers to a po box if I decide to sue.Thats the only address I have.Thanks!! for any help.
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    Go to

    Here you can write a complaint to the company and hopefully get a good response.

    Good luck!

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    You can send CRRR to a po box.
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    Call the Secretary of State and get their Agent of Service. They may have one in your state, if not call their home state's SOS. Send the ITS to that name and address.

    Helps get their attention...

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