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  1. Nicole

    Nicole Guest

    Are there any credit cards that will approve someone who has filed bankruptcy without having to put the money upfront?
  2. ALS

    ALS Guest

    Try Providian, they gave my mother a card and she filed bankruptcy. Their interest rate is a steep 23.99% but they are usually generous with increases. Please DON'T get involved with Cross Country Bank (CCB), read posts below about them.

    I have had a card with Providian for 18 months and was upgraded to Gold status a couple of months ago.

    Their website address is and you'll find their phones numbers to call and apply.
  3. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Nicole, ALS is right try providian, they
    are backing a card called aria which is
    basically a providian card from what I've read. And under no condition get a Cross
    Country Bank card, they are the biggest
    bunch of crooks in the credit crd business.
    They will only hurt your credit worse in the long run and cost you a fortune in BOGUS FEES
    There Customer Service Department is as
    crooked as they come also. They will not work with you on anything. They all took
    special training on how to be A-HOLES. I
    HAVE A PROVIDIAN GOLD CARD, And have had no
    problems with them. Like ALS said there
    rate is alittle higher but if you have a
    BK you will probably have to pay a higher
    rate no matter where you go. Good Luck!
  4. rb

    rb Guest

    I actually experienced more problems with Providian than with CCB.

    I had a Providian card for a little over a year. Used it for it's intended purpose (rebuilding my credit). Never any late fees or over the limit fees. But when I got ready to close it (approved for a prime card), I found out that Providian had NEVER reported my history to ANY of the credit reporting agencies. It took me another 3 months before they provided the history to the credit bureaus.

    Make sure they are reporting. Otherwise, it's all for naught.
  5. Ann

    Ann Guest

    Try Ist Natl Bank of Marin
  6. Doyle

    Doyle Guest

    Besides Providian, try First Consumers National Bank. They gave me a $1000 unsecured even before my bankruptcy was discharged.
  7. BOB

    BOB Guest

    RB How long ago was it you had a prov. card.
    I heard they used to be a real pain like
    CCB, but changed there way a couple of years
    ago. I just got my updated credit report
    back last month and they have always reported
    my account to all three major bureaus. Which
    is good for me.
  8. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest


    While you may have had good results with them (so far), The National Bank of Marin has a well deserved reputation for having some of the worst customer service reps in the industry. I daresay it may be the second worst sub-prime card out there behind (well way way behind) Cross Country.

    Go with Orchard Bank most likely the best sub-prime credit card company out there now, while its cards are nothing special it has the best customer service and online management.

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