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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ryanne, Jan 31, 2001.

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    I'm a recent divorcee who finally decided to get a credit report. I hadn't had one since 1998, two years before my divorce. To my surprise, there was a negative listing. It wasn't my card, it belongs to my ex but I was an authorized user (or so I thought). I'm going to have to have to find out how to have this removed. Any assistance from anyone who's been through this? Unfortunately for me, I don't have any statements and my husband lives in another state.

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    RE: Be Sure to Double Check yo

    Good advice.
    Also, apply for credit when you don't need it and exercise it to make it grow.
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    I'm kinda having the same problem. I disputed a charge-off w/ Equifax because I had no clue where it came from (never had credit in my the time). Turns out that it was a joint acct w/ my bf. I disputed like 3 times w/ Equifax, and finally they said that it was a shared acct, not joint... meaning that I could just be an authorized user and I may not be responsible for the debt. The creditor or Equifax would not be able to produce any documentation with my signature, because my bf could have just put my name and address down for me to be an authorized user.

    I contacted the creditor (united Credit National Bank) and I disputed with them and explained the situation, but was unsuccessful. In the end, the creditor said that I admitted to knowing about this card and that in fact it was mine. This is a load of crap!! I admitted to getting a bill for another card from them, which I had never even received, and I called right away to report that it was either lost or stolen.

    Anyway, I have had no luck in having this Charge-Off removed. I think it will be very difficult because the rep at United Credit National Bank said that in their system, it states that I admitted to a supervisor that this was indeed mine. Bitches!! Good luck on your end trying to have it removed... I need a lot of luck myself =0)
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    Not Kelly... I meant Ryanne

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    RE: Be Sure to Double Check yo

    Re: the AU account -

    If you were just an AU, not a JOINT cardholder, simply call and dispute it based on "NOT MY ACCOUNT - I WAS ONLY AU, PLEASE REMOVE". You don't need any statements or anything - just dispute it.
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    RE: Be Sure to Double Check yo

    As far as I know, I was just an AU. It was a military card that we got to use at the NCO club. I never signed up for it, but I was given a card because I was a dependent spouse. But it was so long ago, that I'm not 100% sure that's how the agreement went. That's why I'm trying to get some type of documentation before I call. But with the move back and the seperation, things got lost. Do you know if they will actually tell me whether or not it was a joint account if I call them? Since it's closed, I'm not sure if they'll tell me anything.
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    RE: Kelly

    I think I'm to try it even though I don't have any documentation to back myself up. I do know that I never signed up for the card, it was given to me.

    I'll let you know what happens.

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