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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by redneckoki, Jun 10, 2000.

  1. redneckoki

    redneckoki Guest

    I was wondering how this is<I am not complaining mind you>...I couldn't get any credit at all. Then I received an Associates Visa, two days later I went into Best Buy and applied for a credit card and was approved for $1000. I've tried Circuit City and other places and have been turned down.

    Is Best Buy credit through FirstUSA? When you apply for the BB credit they have a place you can apply for a FirstUSA card too.
    I did. Any ideas on the chances of me getting a FirstUSA card?

    Thanks, Gary
  2. David D

    David D Guest

    No, The Best Buy card is issued through Household Bank. I believe First USA is issued through Bank One. I am not too sure how difficult obtaining credit through Bank One is for those with a blemished credit record, but I do know someone many years ago who obtained a First USA (then First Card) as her first credit card.
  3. LadyCarr

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    The Best Buy card is mainly issued from Household Bank, but Bank One also issues the Best Buy card. I wouldn't count on First Usa approving you for an account because you were able to obtain the Best Buy card, but then again I could be wrong, because everyones credit is different. Don't be discouraged because Circuit City turned you down, I think they are a hard card to obtain.
  4. D. Blundel

    D. Blundel Guest

    Unless you like being screwed, don't deal with First USA. I had their stinking Mastercard for over ten years, then they decided (once the balance reached 10K) to raise the interest rate to over 26%.

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