best cards available with fico of:

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ficofightr, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. ficofightr

    ficofightr Well-Known Member

    Got all collections and paidco's gone from my CR.

    Current scores:

    TU: 638
    EQU: 617
    EFX: 647

    No derogs other than some lates over 2 years ago.

    Looking to get out of subprime land. Any suggestions?

    btw, is there better way to get all 3 scores than paying $40 for a trimerge + scores? I've done all the free scores from places like eloan.
  2. jsummers

    jsummers Well-Known Member

    Your still in Sub-Prime range..

    Capital One

    I have never had a problem with these companies. Now if you miss a payment or go over your credit limit. They will KILL you on late fee's and overlimit fee's. On the capital one and Household your still looking at a annual membership more than likely.

    Or you can hold off, get the scores up a weee bit more.. and go for a card with no annual membership

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