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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PC509, Oct 31, 2000.

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    Where is the best place to get a cell phone using a credit card instead of a god awful amount of a deposit. Online would be just as good. I prefer a Nokia phone if that makes a difference. I tried at an AT&T store in the mall, and they had no idea what I was talking about....
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    I got my deal with AT&T through Just make sure to read all the fine print. Good luck!
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    ATT does not open accounts with Credit Cards anymore. They used to have a program where they would open an account for you and charge your CC every month with the bill. They discontinued that at the end of the summer. They give you a limit, like $200 and then as long as you stay under that limit your phone stays on.
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    nokia 8260 for like $99 (Awesome tiny new phone)
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    I received my cell phone through (when you go to, you will automatically be redirected there). Although there was a slight snafu with my order (I received six phones instead of the one I ordered!) they couldn't have been more helpful and friendly, the shipping was very prompt, and I set up the account using my VISA check card. I got the Digital Advantage Plan, and (most likely as a result of my not-so-stellar credit) am on an Account Management plan, whereby my charges to the account can't be over $200 (but they will never be!).

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