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  2. Kevin Yaeg

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    Sterling Bank & Trust will give you 120% of your deposit
  3. Saar

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    Capital One will give you 400%-800% of your deposit ($99 for $500 or $49 for $400) and excellent customer service. They are stingy with limit increases, but after 6 months with them you can apply for unsecured cards that aren't rip-off's.

  4. Kevin Yaeg

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    It depends on your credit. Capital One only gave me a $200.00 limit for a $99 deposit.

    $99.00 is the max you can deposit with Cap One where Sterling Bank you can put up to $7500 on deposit for a $10K credit line.

    The ratio on deposit is different with Sterling if you go for their gold card rather then the classic.
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    We have a list of credit cards on our site at:

    You're welcome to stop by and check it out, I hope it helps.

  6. sam

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    definitely do capitalone.

    Apply online, you'll get an offer in a week.

    If you have no derogatory credit, go for they might give you an unsecured card :)
  7. Killer

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    I vote for Providian! Although initially you might not get a grace period, you can negotiate one later. They give big frequent credit limit increases! Initially your APR will probably be high also but that can be later negotiated down too.

    BTW...when I applied they said no grace period. Turns out that I do have one! I don't know if it's a mistake or not...I ain't telling 'em!
  8. Geo

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    Stephanie, don't ask again. Capital One!!.
    they are the Best!
  9. netKat

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  10. Killer

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    To those who don't agree that Providian is gr8:

    I can only state my experiences and they have been very good!

    I have had only one problem with Providian. My card was suddenly cancelled. I called them and learned that a new rep mistakenly reported my card as lost. Providian was truthful and told me the whole story. They did not attempt to blame me. They apologized and sent me a new card via overnight express. They immediately removed all related charges. Now you would expect that from any company so here's more.

    I didn't not understand when and how they decide limit increases. So I called. A rep spent 20 minutes on the phone with me! He explained everything! He told me how to get lower APR, grace period, and increases. Now I think this rep actually gave me a grace period. I am not sure but I am happy.

    I am sure Cap One is a very good company but they denied me when Providian didn't! So I vote for Providian.
  11. tj

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    Explain the info

    So what did you find out about the limit increases and the policies and when and how they decide them? They are very good at increases and regular, but never understood how they would determine them. Any insight you got would be nice.
  12. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Explain the info

    I asked them online in their private message system. They said they review your account every 90-120 days , for account increases automatically, and to stop asking them :)
  13. Cadillac408

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    I'm not sure what to think of Capital One. I applied for their secured card and was offered a card w/ a $200 limit for $199!!!!! I sent them the money but after doing some thinking, etc. I decided that the card would not do me any justice ($39? annual fee, high interest, stingy w/ credit limit increases, etc.). So, I called and canceled my application. Since they already received my deposit they returned it back to me in the form of a check from them.

    My credit is in a little bit better shape now than it was when I applied so I'm thinking about going w/ Chase Bank's secured card and canceling my Washington Mutual secured card (through the Associates of Delaware). It's not reporting on any of my reports anyway and they were never clear as to if and when my card would ever become unsecured. At least w/ Chase, they report and they say that after 18 months of timely payment history, your card will be converted to unsecured and they will mail your deposit back + interest. I am not big on having a bunch of sub-prime cards in my wallet. The only one that's *shady* is my Providian Visa Gold which I got STRICTLY for credit rebuilding purposes. As soon as that's complete, they are matter how high they raise my limit or how low they drop my APR.
  14. marvin

    marvin Well-Known Member

    RE: Explain the info

    Providian is very simple. No lates, no overlimit, and no returned checks in 4 months. They are very stingy about these requirements though. I cancelled my paysmart membership because I didn't think it was worth it. What I didn't realize was that they also dropped my limit $120. A month later, I went over my limit by $1.22 because of finance charges (not purchases) and they will not give me an increase for another 4 months. I even talked to a supervisor.
  15. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Cap1.....humm.....

    I wonder what their qualifications are for their limits?

    my gf had --ZERO-- credit, and got the $99 for $500.

    I had super-ass credit, no open accounts since the fiasco, and they gave me $99 for $500.

    I had no BK or anything like that, just about 10-15 charge offs never paid.

    I did have 12+ months residency, and $66K/year job.
  16. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: Explain the info

    (dropped my limit $120????)

    Never heard of dropping limit!!!
    This is something new.
  17. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    RE: Explain the info

    No it's not. I've had it done to me by First USA! I also was thinking about signing up for one of Providian's services just to raise my credit limit. I was told that if I enrolled and decided to cancel before 30 days, I would receive a full refund. After 30 days, I would receive a pro-rated refund. They did state clearly that the courtesy credit limit increase would be taken away shortly afterwards. I decided not to sign up for anything obviously.
  18. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    RE: Cap1.....humm.....

    Well I had an income more than $66k/yr and 2+ years at both my job and residence! I think it was due to the unpaid judgment that I had for $1200. I also had 3 unpaid collections (totaling about $1200), a few paid chargeoffs, and 3 student loans that were listed as paid charge offs. And they offered me the $200 limit for $199! I can understand why I guess. I think I would of possibly jumped on a $200 (or more) offer for $99. I've been expecting them to make me another offer in the mail but no luck.
  19. Killer

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    RE: Explain the info

    Yes that is correct. The rep said make sure that I pay on-time, don't exceed or come close to limit, pay more than the minimal, don't bounce checks, and use the card frequently. He said they will be reviewing my account every 3 months for a limit increase effective the following month. He said he was guessing that my first offer would have a $99 fee attached but the second would be free. He stated that both offers would probably occur about the same time. He told me lower APR's are usually given to people who use the card frequently and carry a balance.
  20. Herman

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    RE: Cap1.....humm.....

    I vote for Providian as Killer suggested.
    Providian will increases your limit to $2000
    in four month, Capitalone will not.

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