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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jr, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. jr

    jr New Member

    Last week I called the 1-800 number on the back of my Target Guest Card for a credit line increase. I have had the account for 1 year (perfect pay history)and the system declined the increase. Today I get a letter from target saying they pulled Experian. If I would have known that they would have pulled a report I would have not requested the increase as I don't want any more inquiries. Oh well, I guess Target card $200 limit is going to sit in the sock drawer for a long time.
  2. christi523

    christi523 New Member

    Actually, I believe they do an A/R every so often with Experian which is a soft. So when you call for an increase and it is rejected, they use info they received from the last A/R to make a decision-they aren't actually pulling your report at the time of your request.
  3. LKH

    LKH New Member

    You need to call and speak with a csr. Tell them you would like an increase. When they give you the nonsense answer, ask to be transferred to the credit dep't. I did this as have several other board members and received increases. I did it in August.

    Oops. Apparently I don't read too well. We did this on the visa, not the guest card. Sorry.
  4. mj

    mj New Member

    Christi's right - in >15 yeard of having an account with RNB/Fields/Daytons/Target the only "hard" inq. was when an account was 1st opened - the others are all "A/R" or soft.

  5. jr

    jr New Member

    I hope they only did an A/R or soft inquiry. The last time I spoke to a CSR I asked him what I needed to do to get a credit line increase. The guy told me to make 6 consecutive monthly payments. That is exactly what I did and they still denied the increase. The letter from Target said they pulled Experian and due to my BK they could not give me a credit line increase. That is bull crap!!! If my bk from 1998 bothers them they should have never issued me the stinky $200 guest card. I am not going to speak to a CSR any more as it looks like they are giving me the run around as far as what I need to do to get a credit line increase. My guest card will sit in the sock drawer for a long time and I will not ask for any credit line increases any more from Target. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.
  6. matt_r

    matt_r New Member

    Whenever I have called Target requesting a line increase, they always respond with the standard answer, "we don't do line increase requests...if you're eligible for one, it will happen automatically..."

    Am I saying something wrong? I think I have called there twice, and both times this was their reply. I have the Target Visa, not the Target Guest Card.
  7. christi523

    christi523 New Member

    I also have a BK, but it's from 2001. My Target Guest Card is from 1997. I didn't include it in the BK as there was no balance on the card. Well I called 4 months in a row to get an increase and received a rejection each time due to the BK. Well, I finally called and talked to a rep, who told me "we can't give you an increase at this time, but we could pull a report(hard) and see what we can do". I told her NO WAY and I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained that I have never had a late in 5 years!! The supervisor agreed and gave me a $200 increase right away(whoopty doo!). Anyway, It really is a pain to get increases with the guest card. I only wanted an increase to help out my ratios anyway.
  8. newstdt

    newstdt New Member

    I got mine about 3 mos after my discharge in 7/01. It started at $200 and they automatically raised it to $500 in just a couple of months, I never asked for it, it just showed up on my second statement. I'll never understand these crazy systems (but I am glad I got the increase).

  9. sal826

    sal826 New Member

    The same happened to me: 3 months after I opened the account I was increased from $200 to $500 with no action on my part.

  10. NanaC

    NanaC New Member

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR....Target irritates me! I have no late pays, it's paid off in full, and I got denied for the second time for an increase, got the stupid letter saying they pulled Experian..checked experian...not even a soft was pulled, says reasons that don't apply to me at all. I call and am told that the fact that I made regular payments HURT me. I did make some over the amount due (up to double) but apparently that isn't enough. Then, this guy (who was the supervisor by this time) tells me the fact that I paid it off is now hurting me because I can't establish payments further? WHAT???

    Ok, Had this account for over a year...never late, never over limit, credit has only gotten better since I opened it.....and so I'm damned if I do (make regular pays) and damned if I don't (cuz I pay it off!)

    I'll never use them again! Oh, and the letter of reasons? They had the guts to say it was just a formality letter...not necessarily the reasons that they gave me....what? So, they are not being truthful in their reasons? UGH!!!
  11. beary

    beary New Member

    "We are unable to honor your request at this time"

    Sock drawer, here we go!


    14 months, never late. Bal is $20.45

    LOL as if I expected better results after reading this thread before requesting an increase.

    I'm to get a letter "Of Explaination" now. Yippy Skippy :)
  12. newstdt

    newstdt New Member

    Now that I think about it, my Mervyns has been $900 for over 15 years. I've never asked for an increase because I've never needed to charge that much there. It's just a retail account. Maybe RNB doesn't consider this in the same league as standard visa/mc because your selection at these places doesn't warrant such a high limit..

    Personally, I'm happy with my $500 limit at Target. I go there for essentials and maybe a birthday gift here and there, if I HAD to charge more, shame on me. I know ratios and limits can work effectively to get your scores higher, but there are other cards to use to do this. I guess my point is when I think about how I use this card and what for, it makes sense that my limit is what it is. My Target is just a fun one to have at this point.

    I'm not knocking anyone who wants higher limits, this is just how I see it for my own situation.

  13. beary

    beary New Member

    Indeedy you're right. Having more than a $500 limit at Target would be insane for me. It's a good limit...heck, even $200 is a good limit. I sought an increase cause I wanted to by a Vaccum they have on sale which would be difficult to put on my card with it's balance right now. I'll just have to pay the $70 bal at the front curtesy desk and then cruise on to get the Hoover I want.
  14. erik776

    erik776 New Member


    I have a Target guest (store) card. I call every 91 day and ask to speak to a rep (1-800-659-2396 then press *,3,0 to get to a rep); I got an increase the last two times. I started at 200 and got an increase of 100 each time.

    Note that if you get turned down, their computer will automatically reject any CL requests for 31 days.

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