Big time Junum problems.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mirage, Jul 1, 2001.

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    Re: The Junum Process

    Hey, Bill, the problem with that image is that I think you've typed the URL incorrectly. It didn't work for me. :)

    I'm in that category of "paid Bill Bauer my $49 and haven't followed through yet." I keep putting things off. It's why I'm a Lexington client -- I like what they do for me. By the way, I received another round back from Trans Union and Experian -- Lexington knocked off another 5 derogs from Experian and another 3 from Trans Union. Not bad for $35/month if you ask me. They're failing at the really "tough ones" though that will really need to be disputed with the original creditors. That's where I think Bill's techniques will come in handy. I like the combination of using Lexington to dispute the relatively easy ones with the CRAs and using Bill's suggestions to dispute the tough ones with the creditors directly. Seems like a good combo. Of course the second half depends upon me getting organized with this enough to get started.

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    Re: The Junum Process

    That's why I'm working towards doing it for them for a monthly fee like Junum

    lemee know Bill, if you are charging $15 a month and $10 per deletion I'll sign up :) You are just the kinda nutty professor I would want to unleash on the CRA's...fight fire with fire I say :)

    As far a secrets, I think you may be over-analyzing things. I think Daddy-o got it right with the process. At least as far as I "know" the process...being a client of Junum, I only see what process he has read here, it's not shrouded in secrecy.

    As for things like WHY would anyone sign up and pay for something a 3rd grader could do for them, I am busy at work much of every day (7 a week) I find $15 a month, well worth it, so I don't have to fill out the forms, and mail the letters my self, period. So far they ARE making progress for me, I believe at least as good as I could have done on my own up till now. When Junum stops being useful, i.e. not getting any more deletions or screwing up my account as others appear to have had done by Junum, I will contract just bye...that's it.

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    Re: The Junum Process

    The way I'm leaning right now is setting prices at the same as Lex.

    In order to make it economical, it means that we will have to be working on a multitude of cases at once for the same customer. If I don't, then it would get all strung out and take maybe a couple of years or so.

    And that's one of the things I've heard about several companies is that they seem to drag things out to the greates extent possible so that their income is the greatest possible before they start getting mad customers over it.
    Some of them end up hacking hundreds, even thousands of dollars out of the customer by dragging it out over the longest possible time.If that's true, (and I don't have the slightest idea whether it is or not) that would be ripping the customer off, and I'm not going there ever.

    The correct URL for that cute little pix is at

    Since all that is there is the image, you won't get any of their irritating banner ads when you pull it up. That only comes from html websites, not jpg or gif pictures or images.
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    Re: The Junum Process

    A few quick clarifications..

    I think your picture isn't working cuz the link URL has creditwremch (not wrench) might check that out.

    Second, I am not sharing what I know as of yet because I'm busy with my new house. I'm not holding out or anything of the sort. I'd love to share..but I have to prioritize the house wright now.

    Finally, I do think that the people who have used Junum should be answering regarding the process as they know it and what they know of it. Those guessing..well, the information just won't be accurate.

    So, if you are willing to be patient, I"ll post what I know when I can.
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    Re: The Junum Process

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    Re: The Junum Process

    write is ok with me. or write. or it could be reit. right?

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    Re: The Junum Process

    Ok, got a moment..and I'll write the best I can. I'm only writing from my experience..I am no expert..and I certainly don't represent junum so take it with a grain of salt. Others who have used it may want to add or clarify or correct as needed. :)

    I signed up...I was on the old plan so it was $33 for joint plus $8 per deletion. I sent in my credit reports and they sent out disputes that day. They scan the reports and you have access to them on the website. In my case, they were still doing disputes at 1 per credit report. By that I mean, I sent a credit report, they disputed and no further disputes were sent until I sent my credit reports again with the recent updates. I was a member before they listed what was disputed so I didn't even know that at the time. I did not see their disputes. I do know that I contacted a representative once because I knew of a specific error on one bad account and they noted the sitution and stated that they would dispute it differently in round 2 considering my new info. It was deleted in round 2.

    Point: I did call when I had the slightest question or thought and, in doing so, did establish a positive relationship with their employees. It was a very good thing. I think it was my sparkling personality.

    I have never seen one of my disputes. I have never heard a thing from the post office regarding any type of forwarding. My hubby had 2 disputes which junum sent that the CRA's never responded ...However, I did an online credit report and saw that there were deletions. For whatever reason, they did not send his updated reports. Junum re-sent the disputes again because of this based on the online report I received.

    I do know that I had a horrible situation with experian having 2 files on me..and no matter which I disputed, they wrote back and talked about the other was wierd...and junum corrected it on the first round.

    I have to emphasize..I was not trying to get rid of any accurate information..positive or negative..I had negative information that was blatently that would mean it might have been easier to get the great results I got.

    These cycles continued until round 3 when junum implemented their new policy of disputing less items and doing disputes every 2 weeks. I only had 3 rounds of those (meaning 6 weeks). At that point, junum and I discussed my reports (and my hubbys) and we decided that I had "hit the wall" in that we both only had 1-2 items left and it was likely I would do best to persue that individually. I did have a negative accurate item (bk13) and I don't count that as a junum "need" as it is accurate. I cancelled junum, they immediately stopped billing..I owed them $16 for 2 deletions not yet paid for, I paid that..tada-done!

    Happy ending...of course. Everyone knows I think that. I adore Silvia and still drop her a line just to say hi!

    You don't have to buy your credit reports from junum, you can send them what you have. You can, however, if you wish choose to purchase them through a junum link. Totally optional.

    They offer other services..I believe they are affiliated with others. My daughter signed up for her consolidation plan through junum. I know they do large debt negotiation..have never used it. They have many plans in the works for things like loan, car, mortgage matching, etc. They have experts you can ask and receive an answer from...

    BTW, I got into correcting my info last Sept...and had moderate success..but that Experian situation was a humdinger...and they kept playing musical credit reports with me....that's when I went to junum. So, I wasn't inept at what I was doing..but I totally believe that junum fixed it faster! I know they did!

    Most everything else is explained on their website. are too funny!!
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    Re: The Junum Process

    That's pretty much my story as well. All except the Hubby thing. Only thing I could add is that when they were doing 1 per cycle they were sending in 4 disputes, now it seems they are doing 2 in the 2 week cycles. Great explanation MrsC :)


    PS I'll bring my swim trunks and a house warming gift...or is it home warming? I get so confused and I wanna watch Toy Story too!!! 2?:)
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    Re: The Junum Process


    Nice story, well written.

    But there is one point I want to bring out in what you said.
    A question really
    I did have a negative accurate item (bk13) and I don't count that as a junum "need" as it is accurate.
    I take that to mean that you feel that if a report is accurate and 100% true you would not expect Junum to be able to get it taken off your report? No matter how large or how small the debt or how much it was hurting you?
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    Re: The Junum Process

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my question, I have a much better picture of the Junum process now. Although as a follow-up comment to my last thread postâ?¦

    Iâ??ve done some research into the â??remailingâ? thing, and hereâ??s what Iâ??ve come up withâ?¦ Title 18, USC, Chapter 63, §1341 seems to include the remailing of items intended to deceive another. NOTE: I asserted â??SEEMSâ? not does, just so everyone remains on the same page. There may be a very reasonable explanation of how Junum goes about itâ??s internal process, making such legal and acceptable.

    Here are the categories in case anyone wants to check them out:
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    Re: The Junum Process

    Doesnt section 1341 pertain to those who are sending illegal information or who are attempting something fraudelent. I guess this is where it becomes tricky. After all, if they are remailing for legitmate purposes would they be liable for penalties? The customers for junum have agreed to their services. Part of their services is mailing items out on behalf of their customers..
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    Re: The Junum Process

    The way I read the statute is that â??IFâ? the mailed item(s) contain fraudulent material, such as a dispute of legitimate credit report information, the statute would (here we go again) seem to apply. Other than this I couldnâ??t find anything â??illegalâ? per se about remailing, and I even phoned my local postal inspector this morning; who wasnâ??t much help, `cause sheâ??d never heard of such a thing. Doesnâ??t mean such a law against remailing doesnâ??t exist, only that I couldnâ??t find one that expressly applies.

    Notwithstanding the indicated cite is very narrow, and (IMO) would only apply under certain situations. Which leads me to a pointâ?¦ Itâ??s highly unlikely (in the far end of extreme) that if â?? and thatâ??s a big if â?? Junum is doing something improper by remailing, they arenâ??t doing so purposefully.

    Still itâ??s strange why a postal representative would indicate to Mirage the â??remailingâ? is an illegal practice? Hopefully this is just a case of a postal-person over stepping his/her authority, and taking it upon themselves to play postal inspector. Yet I havenâ??t been able to confirm the contention one way or the otherâ?¦

    For review here is Mirageâ??s related post:
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    Re: The Junum Process

    Nave/Dave: Adobe warming?? Casa warming? teehee...LOL..I knew you'd understand my ToyStory thinking!

    Bill, junum has been known frequently to get off accurate negative my particular case, however, I was looking for the inaccurate info to be removed. It would have been a "bonus" for me if the bk13 had been removed but not a necessity.

    :) I'm tired...been putting down shelf paper all day..tomorrow we stay in our new home!
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    Re: The Junum Process

    Section 1341. Frauds and swindles

    Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or
    artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of
    false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, or to
    sell, dispose of, loan, exchange, alter, give away, distribute,
    supply, or furnish or procure for unlawful use any counterfeit or
    spurious coin, obligation, security, or other article, or anything
    represented to be or intimated or held out to be such counterfeit
    or spurious article, for the purpose of executing such scheme or
    artifice or attempting so to do, places in any post office or
    authorized depository for mail matter, any matter or thing whatever
    to be sent or delivered by the Postal Service, or deposits or
    causes to be deposited any matter or thing whatever to be sent or
    delivered by any private or commercial interstate carrier, or takes
    or receives therefrom, any such matter or thing, or knowingly
    causes to be delivered by mail or such carrier according to the
    direction thereon, or at the place at which it is directed to be
    delivered by the person to whom it is addressed, any such matter or
    thing, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than
    five years, or both. If the violation affects a financial
    institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or
    imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.

    I see where you are coming from, but the fact that they may be illegal disputes of credit report information would be up for much needed interpretation, after all I would hope that junum would be intelligent enough not to use the mail system to defraud and I doubt that their disputes are fraudulent. Your assumption that they are probably not doing so purpsosefully is probably correct. There are too many ways to dispute info legally without putting oneself in jeopardy. I think that the post office just thinks that something is fishy. Maybe they think that junum is trying to use a fake address using the postal system or maybe they think that they are trying to get out of postage..Who knows,,,?
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    Re: The Junum Process

    Just remember who we are talking about here. THis is the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, not FED EX or some other highly competant company who knows what they are doing... By the way has anyone seen the movie CASTAWAY? I viewed it for the first time last night and I enjoyed it.
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    Re: The Junum Process

    So, we have the knowledge that the post office or at least a few of their employees might not think too much of whatever it is that Junum does in their mailing process.

    There is always the possibility that some postal employee might have used Junum to get rid of negatives on their credit report and ended up unhappy with the results they got from Junum and now are out on some kind of personal vendetta against Junum and come up with some kind of postal regulation which they think they can use against Junum because of their unhappiness with Junum. It's also a possibility that one postal employee told several others about Junum and the fact that they had joined Junum and then when the disappointments came along, they then proceeded to holler long and loudly about their unhappiness to all who would listen.

    One might be very surprised to learn how often that sort of thing does occur and before long, the bad news is spreadinng like wildfire.

    I had a similiar experience with the Postal service a year ago. I told a joke about how the USPS had been testing a new stamp with Bill Clinton's picture on it, but found out that it was not going to be feasable because everyone was spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

    Wasn't long before a different mailman came along and started asking me if I had heard about the new postage stamp the USPS had been testing for possible issuance.

    Does not take long for the bad news to travel around.
    Failure to get negatives removed, getting positive tradelines removed that should not have been removed, Slacking off so as to increase the number of months the customer ends up paying for their service, other complaints too numerous to mention plus the fact that the government and the Credit Bureaus claim that credit repair companies do nothing that the consumer can't do for themselves cheaper and faster and on and on and on.

    With what's actually going on out there in the real world, it's no wonder Junum and Lex and others get a bad rap. To prove the point, I went to a Barnes & Noble bookstore and bought 3 books on credit repair. I buy them all regardless, just to see what they might have to say. One of them was a book published by of internet fame. They even provided a CD in the back of the book full of forms one can use. Various accounting type forms, several dispute letters, but lots of "great" information for the newbie, the poor and the desperate, teaching them that credit repair firms are scams and ripoffs and that they do nothing for the debtor that they debtor cannot do for themselves. A couple of hundred pages and a CD full of nothing but Credit bureau hype and garbage. All 3 gave equally valuable information for the poor newbie. $57 plus tax that was essentially just wasted because not one of the 3 contained anything of value.

    Just pure hype and BS.

    All from those whom unsuspecting newbies would believe had great credibility simply because it is in print and is backed up on an almost non-stop basis by the media

    Last night I listened to and taped a talkshow host talking to a lady who works for a credit report merging company that pulls all 3 credit reports from the bureaus and then sells the info to mortgage lenders.

    She was talking about the credit bureaus. The talk show guru stated that there were now 4 credit bureaus and one should get all 4 reports to learn about their credit files. He listed Experian, Equifax, Trans Union and CSC out of Houston.

    The lady told him he was wrong. She said that CSC simply contracted to do confirmations for Equifax instead of Equifax having to do it all themselves and that CSC is not a separate credit bureau.

    Well, that's partially true. But since CSC puts out it's own credit reports and mails them to the public we know that makes them a credit bureau in their own right.

    While I must admit that the show did make quite a few interesting points, it was still hosted by a self-proclaimed guru who seemed to think he knows it all but was full of mis information and hype.

    What is amazing is that the public buys all this hype and junk like it was peachse and cream and yet so full of hype, misinformation and half truths.
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    Re: The Junum Process

    This is a big leap here! We don't have any knowledge of the sort. I think what we know is that we don't know what caused this employee to send this out...we could have an employee who:

    1) was happy;
    2) was sad;
    3) was bored;
    4) was busy;
    5) was angry (at anything);
    6) was in a fight with his/her husband/wife;
    7) was rushing;
    8) was wrong;
    9) was right;
    10) had to pee really bad;
    11) had to listen to a bad political joke; or
    12) blah, blah, blah..

    The possibilities are endless.
  18. Hal

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    I'd call the USPS and ask what is illegal about this. I recall, years ago, at Christmastime the post office encouraging people to mail "Santa Letters" to North Pole Alaska, to have them postmarked and remailed back to their children as reply letters.

    As long as they get postage (double - one from Junum to the postmaster, another from your P.O to the CRA) it seems they wouldn't complain.
  19. Crdt Dfnse

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    Re: The Junum Process

    Precisely my point by indicating the referenced cites; adequate interpretation is necessary dependant on the given situation. Thus for any postal worker to allege that Junum is conducting itself improperly based on what weâ??ve read here, is also open to interpretation.

    The only other possible correlation is 18 USC §471 and §1720, that prohibits the reuse of stamps.
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