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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ED, Apr 19, 2001.

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    Hi I have a judgement that is coming off in april 2002. It is paid and was for a $1000 with Wards. I also have a recent collection with OSI for 238 from Sprint.

    I want to get 3 secured cards for now. I want reputable banks like B of A and Chase that report to the 3 bureaus. Can I get suggestions for banks people have used and that would approve me. I need them to report as unsecured.

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    In my opinion, If you want to get the "better" cards, you may have a problem getting them if you have negative reports on your history. I don't know if Bank of America is considered to be a "better" card than Providian, Capone or the rest of the lower Visa cards or not. I have my doubts that as long as you are talking Visa or Master Card that it makes a ton of difference who is the issueing bank. There has to be some difference of course, but generally speaking , a Visa is a Visa is a Visa and a Master Card is a Master Card ect, ect, ect.

    When you are looking for better cards, you are much more likely to be looking for Discover, Amex, the major brand gasoline cards, Sears, Wal-Mart, some of those. If you have any bad marks on your record at all, the "better" cards won't touch you while the lesser Visa and Master cards will give you credit cards.

    Yes, some Visa and Master Card banks are much more picky than others, and also much harder to get, but "name brand" cards like Amex carry much more weight than any of the lower Visa and Master Card. Start getting the platinums and then you are also getting somewhere. The classics and the golds are not all that impressive.

    I think I would want to get rid of the negatives off your reports if possible, which it usually is and then at the same time go for some of the cards like CapitolOne, First Premier and others who are pretty easy to get along with and will likely give you unsecured cards even if they are low limit cards. Build your credit by using the cards regularly and pay them off in full each and every month without fail.

    It will most likely take a year or so to build really good credit, get rid of the negatives and be able to get the better low interest rate cards asd the likes of Amex.

    I use 8 of the lower rated cards like CapOne and I use each one only a week buying everything I can during that week. Groceries, gasoline, whatever. Then switch to another card for the next week. I use a savings account along with that plan and earn interest on the money I have already spent that way.

    Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer
  3. ED

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    Thank you Bill for your advice....very appreciated

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