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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by doodyhead, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. doodyhead

    doodyhead Well-Known Member

    I don't want to respond on that "other" thread about "non-credit" issues, which I realize TAXES are: but I would love to discuss a lien issue with you. State filed a tax lien on me for $5000 when I only owed $500. (for not filing) Can I sue them and make them take the lien off? Would that be considered an illegal lien like yours?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    That was only supposed to be used to make more money for the state, IF THE TAX PAYER DIDN'T FILE, BUT OWED TAXES...IF YOU DID'T FILE, AND DIDN'T OWE, ALL YOU LOST WAS YOUR REFUND...
  3. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I think it was you who said that you live in OKC, wasn't it? If so, I'd like to invite you to Jimmy's Round-up Cafe tonight (10-25-01) about 6:30. It's on N.W. 10th just west of Ann Arbor. We will be in the back meeting room area until about 9:30 or so for a J~accuse meeting. If you can't recognize me from my pictures on my website, I'll be the guy over against the east wall video taping the proceedings. One reason I'm inviting you over is that there will probably be a guy by the name of Pat Patton over there as well and Pat has run the State Tax Commission ragged over the State Tax issues. He even ran for State Treasurer a few years back and I understand that although he got beat he gave his opponent a terrible run for his money. His opponent is still in office right now if I remember correcly.

    He has sued them several times and although he hasn't been able to actually get a judgment or a prouncement on his argument out of the courts, he sure has whipped them down to a frazzle. Pat was probably their worst nightmare for quite aa few years. Pat would be a better resource of ideas on how to handle your problem than I.

    But I am quite sure that he will tell you how to make them prove the tax lien in more or less the same way that you would with the IRS, with an assessment demand of some kind at the stae level. I've never wanted to fiddle with the state tax commission, so I don't have any expertise on that issue. I imagine you want to get the whole thing off your Credit report so just making them prove the lien would still leave you with a derogatory. You would have to beat the lien entirely in order to force the credit bureaus to take it off and an assessment attack or whatever Pat would recommend would do that whereas just attacking the inflated value of the listing by proving the true value of the lien would cement it in place for sure.

    Oklahoma has some rather unique laws when it comes to dealing with tax related matters, some of which are a bit on the "dumb laws" side of the fence and Pat knows all about them. If you can't make it, send me an e-mail and I'll put you in touch with Pat some other way. Not difficult at all.
  4. doodyhead

    doodyhead Well-Known Member

    unfortunately, this was for CA - before I lived here, but thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I know there is probably no hope, but it seems wrong that they would file a lien for so much if I never owed that much. Also, they put the lien on the month AFTER I finally filed - so that seems wrong also.

    I would love to at least scare them from dropping the lien
  5. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Well, why not come on down to the meeting anyway. Our people there have lots of contacts with legal researchers all over the nation who specialize in your type of problem and with a bit of luck someone can point you to someone out there who might be able to help you out.

    Come on out if you can and I'll pour a cup of coffee on you at the very least.

    We are going to be talking FDCPA again tonite and we will have a lecture on it.
    I gave my lecture on it the 27th of September and we will be having a continueing set of lectures where each member researches some part of FDCPA and gives his/her lecture based upon what they read and understood. Gets pretty interesting.
  6. doodyhead

    doodyhead Well-Known Member

    unfortunately, my work schedule did not allow- tell me about your group, what is it, exactly & what do they do? sounds very interesting
  7. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    We do a large variety of things. For instance, Tuesday night at the Oklahoma County Court House on the 8th Floor there is going to be a mock trial in an actual courtroom setting with Justice Black from the Oklahoma State Supreme Court sitting as judge in which OU Law students will be the actors and the mock trial will about the subject of whether or not the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and other patriotic themes and studies should permitted in Oklahoma Public Schools as part of the teaching Corriculum. This mock trial will be before a full jury of students empaneled and the head defense attorney will be an Oklahoma City police officer who is also a well respected attorney. The prosecutor will be an OU law professor. The professor is a well known liberal and the police officer is equally famous for his stance on liberty and freedoms issues. I will be there filming the event and our group will also be helping behind the scenes so to speak. It's a school sponsored event, so of course, we can't get into that end of it.

    We are doing teaching schools where we teach our members how to do legal research and prepare court papers and documents, overturn judgments and other such things. We are sponsoring a petition drive to gain enough signatures to make a constitutional amendment that will finally put some real teeth into the Oklahoma State judicial ethics commission and finally hold judges liable for the evil deeds some of them do in so many cases while sitting on the bench. For instance, the now famous case of Joyce Gilchrist who was a police chemist popularly known as "Black Magic" and who has been officially discharged from her duties as police chemist because she falsified evidence and testimony against innocent people and got them convicted. As you are probably well aware, she was highly instrumental in the false conviction and imprisonment of a large number of people, some of whom may have been wrongfully put to death. We may never know the full story on that one, but there has been a lot of stuff in the papers and TV on her excapades. It has been publicly stated that some of the judges who heard the cases didn't even believe some of the testimony and evidence she put on yet allowed the trials to go forward. Our constitutional amendment would give the people power to file complaint against the judge and other officials who do those kinds of wrongs to the people. That's not possible at this time. We do a lot of things, far too numerous to mention in a short post here. We'd love to have you come visit our group.

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