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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cole, Jun 8, 2001.

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  1. cole

    cole Active Member

    I sent a friend to your website about six weeks ago. He paid the $49.95 but never received anything. After his second email to you you replied:

    "You are on my mailing list and you should have been receiving emails from me about every week. Those emails should have led you to all of the credit wrrench information and if you are having troubles understanding or applying any part of it, you should be emailing me and asking me what you need to know or learn about."

    He has told you at least twice since then that he never got any of the "weekly emails", but you never responded. So far all you ever sent him for his $49.95 is the paragraph above.

    You seem to have plenty of time to pontificate on this forum, how about taking a few minutes and sending my friend the information he paid for?
  2. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm.......I could comment but this one is TOO easy
  3. Crdt Dfnse

    Crdt Dfnse Well-Known Member

    This situation concerns me a bit, so Iâ??d appreciate you keeping us informed as to any results?
  4. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    I am bumping this up. Where are you Bill? This needs to be answered.
  5. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    I just ordered the CreditWrench information this morning, so I'm very interested in seeing what happens and will dutifully report my experiences here as well.
  6. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Do the Hustle...I mean, BUMP
  7. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I will be very happy to do so.
    have him send me another email or call me at

    I get so many that once in a while one slips through the cracks.
    I'm currently getting about 200 new ones per day, so it can and does happen.
    Tell him that I apoligize for my error and I will get right on the ball making him happy as soon as I get his email so I can get it on my mailing list.

    I will give it my personal attention.
    It may be helpful if you will give me his initials so I can tell the office help that I want t handle that one personally.
  8. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    I was going to call you this evening, but Southwestern Bell has been having a lot of problems today it seems. Their DSL service is giving them fits and mine has not worked for 2 days now and so I tried to use one of the alternate ISP services that I have and that one kept giving me the "all circuits busy" routine so I went to another one I have and they were giving me fits too.
    I finally got on through a 3rd one, Prodigy after another big fight. The phone company was out here today and will be back out tomorrow working on the lines. Maybe they will get something right soon.

    Anyway, by the time I finally got on and getting the mail, I figured it was too late to call you since it was like 11:00 P.M. Then I saw your other post saying your spouse thought she was worth more than any $49.95 and so I doubt she would appreciate me calling this late. The ladies do have their ways, don't they??? LOL

    I did send you an email and we will most likely be able to get together tomorrow although it may be in the afternoon as my morning will be pretty hectic.
  9. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Wow. That's alot of confusing stuff Bill.
    I want to believe, but you are making it tuff! I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried....So the answer is???????? We await gracefully...
  10. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    ow. That's alot of confusing stuff Bill.

    In YOUR case, I can understand that quite well indeed..........
    I want to believe, but you are making it tuff!

    I enjoy puzzles and intrigues of all kinds. The tuffer the better. Keeps on on their toes, so to speak. I hope you enjoy them too.

    I also enjoy creating them and seeing how well others are able to solve them. Watching a person solve a puzzle, a dilemna, a tuff situation tells me a lot about a person. How they handle the situation when the going gets really, really tuff. When life's tuff, tuff problems seem almost insurmountable, can they sit down and think their way through it and no matter how bad it may seem, still maintain their composure and even go on to look for a possible bit of humor?

    Or do they get mad, go off in a huff, blow up buildings, turn purple in the face and beat the wife, the kids and kick the dog?

    Or do they just ignore the situation, hoping it will go away?

    Or do they simply raise their heads in prayer and demand that the Lord solve their problems for them?

    Life itself is a puzzle, isn't it?
    I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried....

    GREAT! Seems like you have a puzzle, maybe even a dilemna!!!!
    I often think I like those the best of all. I love to create dilemnas too. The kind where the other person is in a position where they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    It works really well in credit repair too. I love it when I can create a situation, say the validation letter for example. I craft those so that the collection agency sees the trap clearly but has no
    option but to go for it. Then sit back and wait for them to either fail or do something totally stupid. That's when I pounce on them. I love to hear their squeals and feel the terror in their poor, quivering little hearts as I sink my now unsheathed claws deep into the soft underbelly.
    I'm one of those catty types, don't you know????
    So the answer is????????

    Ahhhhhh! You figure it out!!!
    We await gracefully..

    I sincerely hope so.

    Have fun! I will.

  11. Crdt Dfnse

    Crdt Dfnse Well-Known Member

    Speaking freely here, and I can do that because Iâ??ve no â??PRODUCTâ? to pushâ?¦ The statement above is a load of crap! From what Iâ??ve seen posted here on CreditNet you havenâ??t the underlining knowledge required to cast fear upon anyone, least of all collection agents! Irrespective you boldly purport, â??I love to hear their squeals and feel the terror in their poor, quivering little heartsâ? (yeah, right!).

    Get a clue, Bill! Collection agents arenâ??t to be toyed with, they arenâ??t sheepish as youâ??d like the consumer to believe, and to purport such plays on fear and ignorance of the facts! What must I to do to get the need for creditable material across to you, Bill? Compose my own eBook and distribute it for FREE, just so folks have an alternative to the garbage your promoting?

    Now donâ??t get me wrong Bill I â??likeâ? you as a person, but your product? I Chit-on Credit Wrench as not being worth the paper itâ??s written onâ?¦ Such material is tantamount to a drunk preachin the Gospel, all slurs and no credibility! Because when dealing with aspects concerning the financial lives of others, credibility (i.e., real expertise) is EVRYTHING! Please prove me wrong, by factual means?
  12. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

  13. MiamiBlues

    MiamiBlues Well-Known Member

    Mr. Bauer,

    I have read your posts on this board as well as the Credit Repair Resource Center and for the most part it appears to me that your objective is to push your Credit Wrench program. Personally I could care less because everyone has the right to make a buck.

    However, I believe the purpose of this board is for individuals to share ideas on credit issues. Several posters on this board have given me excellent information on credit repair for free. If I wanted to pay for information on credit repair then I would just sign up with Lexington or some other credit repair firm, which I did based on the testimonials from posters on this board regarding Junum. For the most part I am content with the service they are providing.

    What I would suggest to you is that if you wish to participate as a member of this community, then do so without trying to sell your product/service. If your interest here is to market Credit Wrench then perhaps you should contact the administrators of this website and post a banner add for your product.
    Or you could follow Lexington's lead and choose someone from this board to use your product free for a period of time and then they could report back to the other members of their success with Credit Wrench. I don't think that's unreasonable and would be an excellent source of free advertising.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. Have a good day.

  14. Crdt Dfnse

    Crdt Dfnse Well-Known Member

    Itâ??s like thisâ?¦ If it waddles with a bill, quacks and squeaks too? Itâ??s a pretty safe bet one is dealing with a duck, perhaps attempting to impersonate a swan! For instance, up until recently Mr. Bauer believed that a collection agent was somehow obligated to perform to consumer demands within a specified time frame (following a â??validationâ? letter), yet nothing could be further from the truth! Are we to believe such a tweaked train of thought doesnâ??t translate over to the folks that actually buy his rag, if so that is simply being stupid.

    Whatâ??s more, the contention that Bauer canâ??t prove his program credibility is distorted. He â??provesâ? the lack of it regularly here via posts that are not only often bizarre, but demonstrate a complete lack of understanding how the real-world works.

    Now letâ??s not detract from the issues here, Daddy-O, weâ??re talking about a serious lack of credibility that naturally overshadows the Credit Wrench product. Folks need not actually expose themselves to propaganda to identify it, such as examining Bauerâ??s material content, to know that itâ??s tripe. That much is indisputable by Billâ??s own lack of understanding DEMONSTRATED through posts here on this (and other) boards.

    How can faith be placed in a product (any product) that was developed by an amateur? Again, I like Bill personally, but his level of expertise and credibility suck!
  15. rogerjones

    rogerjones Active Member

    I am presently using Bill Bauer's Credit Wrench program. I have been using it for the last 2 months. While I have not achieved results thus far, I have seen that Bill has a plan of attack for each item which I have presented to him. Any program in this arena will take time to complete. His methods, from what I see are based on sound reasoning.

    For the modest fee of $49.95, I think it is very reasonable for what I have received thus far. He is very responsive to any requests or questions I have made.

    I had read several books on the subject and had been viewing these boards for some time before making a decision to use his services. This is not a program for the faint of heart or the person that is not willing to put in time to follow up. It does involve extensive follow up, which should be expected when trying to deal with the system which we are dealing with.

    I will try to post the results of using his program as progress is made.

  16. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Anthony, I'm sure you will make a fine judge some day.
    I am also quite certain that you are a good attorney.

    But your training has been focused on how to uphold the law and to be as certain as possible that you at least attempt to be as certain as possible that everyone else that you deal with also lives by the letter of the law. Or at least something to that effect.

    I usually do greatly enjoy most of your posts because when you answer someone's post, you do obviously give good solid advice.

    But while you may make a great judge someday, you will never make an F. Lee Bailey nor a Johnny Cochran. It's quite obvious that you wouldn't even make a pimple on the end of the nose of either one nor on anyone who even remotely might seem to have some resemblance to them. You obviously don't have the kind of ability that even Steven Jones has and he has lost just about every capital murder case he has ever voluntarily accepted or been paid to handle. In fact, it's well known in these parts that he made his millions because the District Attorneys love him so well that they get him assigned to just about every case he will take. They win, he
    and he helps them do it. Everybody around here heaved a huge sigh of relief when they heard that Jones had been assigned to the McVeigh case because they knew it was a slam dunk and McVeigh was as good as dead the hot second Jones got the case. But he made several million dollars, a few free trips over to the other side of the pond trying to prove his silly arguments that Bin Lauden or other mid-eastern terrorists had masterminded the bombing and even funded it. And he got a lot of publicity out of it and then went on to make more millions off of his book. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see you and him both sitting on the bench some day.

    No, I'm not a lawyer and you make me very proud that I had enough brains to stay as far away from that specie as possible and still be able to do what I know how to do. Quite honestly, I could care less about your kind of concepts about the law and how it should be applied and used, all I care about is how to make the law work for me and those who ask for my help and ideas. The FDCPA and the FCRA were not passed into law to help the little guy who had misfortune in the world of credit either through his own stupidity or through some misfortune of life. They were made to help the banks and the creditors and the credit bureaus to the greatest extent possible while making it appear to the average guy on the street that his government cared one whit for anything but the tax money they bilk him out of each and every day of the year. Then they leave him with nothing but the likes of you to "defend" him when they sue him. Your kind defends the "Tim McVeighs" of this world by making certain that "his" rights are observed while the system murders "him", or puts "him" in prison for the rest of his life, or at the very least a goodly portion of it.

    The "Tim McVeighs" of this world don't need that kind of "defense". What they need is someone with enough brains to not only see to it that their rights are observed if at all possible given the condition and corruption that pervades our present legal system today but will actually go out and get the true facts of the case that might just save the day.

    I go to a small donut shop very often and it is frequented by many of the police officers who patrol that side of town.
    Many of those were assigned to help with the rescue efforts and demolition of the Alphred P. Murray building after the bomb went off, and the "common talk" is that there was no possible way that McVeigh's little truck and it's 4.000 pounds of ammonium nitrate could have done the damage that was done to that building and they do not believe that McVeigh could have done the job alone or even with the help of the other little nut. But the government apparently wanted a nice handy victim and a clean quick "kill" of the public outrage that arose, so they hired a nice well known lawyer to "defend" their "victim" in order to get the public calmed down before it got out of hand. One that the public would accept, and Jones was it, and sure to lose the case.

    And it is my personal opinion that while you obviously know the law, you haven't the foggiest idea what will and what won't work because that's not what you have been trained to do. You have obviously been well trained to win cases in civil court against the little guy because it's the rich and powerful who pay your wages while the little guy gets his due and "justice" has been served. But whose justice is it? Most assuredly, it's not the little guy who made a bad judgement call simply because he don't have the bucks your type wants to make. Only the big guy can afford you and your ilk.

    And you just love to break bad and try to slam anyone who might pose any kind of problem to you and your brethern.
    Well, all I got to say is about the same as what Admiral Farragut is purported to have shouted to his sailors. "Full speed ahead and damn the mosquitoes!"

    Now then, I full well realize you are going to have some smart comeback to this message, so all I got to say about that is that I think that you are trying to fight a war of wits, and I'm willing to bet you are only half-armed if that.

    Have fun. I'll do all I can to help the little guy, but if I let you and your ilk in on how I do it, the best that will happen is that you will figure out some way to screw it up.
  17. Crdt Dfnse

    Crdt Dfnse Well-Known Member

    Hay maybe I have Bill all wrong? Do you mean to tell me (and others) that Bill actually advises on different strategies, specific to oneâ??s unique situation related to credit repair? Please tell us?

    (For those who see where Iâ??m going with this, mums the word please.)
  18. rogerjones

    rogerjones Active Member


    I feel that what he does is definitely worth what I paid. He does take items on your reports, case by case as to how deal with each item. I have discussed many unusual situations with him. He has strategies for most items which I have presented. They are far more extensive than what is elaborated in the discussion groups.

    I have to admit he is not a lawyer and does not have a perfect system. But I can tell you from what I have received, his methods are superior to most that I have researched.

    I personally, have had experience in the field of Law and Real Estate. I have researched and Shepardized most of the info which he has presented. Most of it is reasonable but not perfect. Some of it may not be 100% on point. Will it work. I Definitely Think So.

    This whole concept of "Credit Report Accuracy" reminds me of the "Foreclosure Days in California". I know of instances where people were able to stay in a property up to 3 years with no payments to the banks whatsoever. How did they do it?? It had to do with forcing "Everyone" in the system to being "FULLY ACCOUNTABLE" for everything the law "Required".

    The same concept of "TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY" applies to this arena as well. Therefore, I am confident in the end, a program such as Bill's will ultimately lead to the "Proper Results".

  19. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    I may be waaaaayyy off base here, but isn't charging money upfront for Credit Repair Services against the law? Just asking.
  20. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Just what I read...must be...PAY-AS-YOU-GO.
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