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  1. F.F.M

    F.F.M Guest

    You mentioned on another post about other boards you use and sites for research. Do you mind telling me the names of some.

  2. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    I really don't mind revealing all that information at all if it were anywhere near practical to do that. Problem is, my bookmark file is probably up to about 10 or 15 pages and it's all research sites dealing with stuff like IRS and how to deal with them, Lawdog, lawhound, FTC, Credit repair organization Act website, Thomas Law Library, several university law school website, various govenmental agency websites dealing with other aspects of the law, case cites and much more. \

    Just would not be too practical. I have websites out there that are nothing more than links to all kinds of stuff.

    Bill Bauer
  3. F.F.M

    F.F.M Guest

    Thanks for some of your help..!

    I must admit... when it comes to bookmarks.. I have tons...LOL....!!!

    Again... thanks....!!!!
  4. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    I wish I knew how

    I wish I knew how to transport bookmarks from one computer to another and make them work when they come out the other end using netscape 4.7

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