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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by reddevil, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. reddevil

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    I had 3 secured debts when I filed BK: a home mortgage, a HELOC and a car loan.

    My state does not require reaffirmation of secured loans in BK, and does not permit the lenders to foreclose/repo as long as payments are current. I did not reaffirm.

    The first mortgage stopped reporting as of 03/02 (the month prior to filing), so it shows a balance with no payment activity in the last 8 months, never late.

    The HELOC listed as "included in BK" and set the balance to zero, so it shows no payment activity, never late.

    The car loan listed as "included in C13 repayment plan", and shows a balance and payment activity, never late.

    In theory, I'd prefer the third method of listing, since it shows responsible payment activity on my part. But it appears that this is the worst of the 3 ways to report. Since it has a derogatory statement, the entire balance appears to be overdue and immediately payable. This one account alone is my second negative on two reports.

    Has any BK person here managed to get a non-reaffirmed TL to report as a positive? Or do I just contest the car loan and the 1st mortgage to get them included in BK, and swallow the fact that I will be paying off $170K in debt over the next 7 years that won't show up on my CR at all?

    Does this seem stupid to you?
  2. reddevil

    reddevil Well-Known Member

    shoo be doo be doo
  3. SCMomof5

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    I disputed my secured, non-reaffirmed debts. They were deleted. All except Providian which is still showing "included in CH 13/Never Late".

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