BK doesn't show yet accounts do????

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Micki1970, Aug 18, 2001.

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    I have idea that I would like to run by the experts here.
    I had a discharged bk7 in 12/97. My reports (really BAD!) show a bunch of accounts discharged in bk, yet in the public records section on the report show nothing. No bk. Anyone know if I could dispute these accounts listed as included in bk, because CB hasn't even verified that I have a BK. And if I could, how would I do it in a way that wouldn't raise suspicions from CB to look further into bk? I am not trying to be dishonest, I am just sick of disputing this crap (such as not an open account, no bal.), having it reappear and yet the CB doesn't feel the need to look into the bk.
    Also, can a creditor continue to report all details of account (including dates late)& list "closed at credit granters request" yet also say "included in bk"?
    Thanks so much
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    I don't know the answer to your questions but...

    My Chap 7 BK discharged 2/99, never made it into either the public record in either EX or TU. It did make it into the public record on EQ where it remains today. 6 discharged credit card accounts were listed on each of the 3 CRA reports - 18 total.

    Junum got 11 of the 18 accounts off in 3 rounds of disputing - How I don't know.

    If you hire Junum be aware that there have been complaints since I was with them. Also, I never tried to dispute anyhting on my own. I suspect you have which may complicate the matter.

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