bk7 improvement, where do i start

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NX250, Sep 11, 2003.

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    i have recently recieved my discharge for my bk7, i have a fico of 490 last i checked a few months ago. is it possible to improve my score, or am in this for the long run 10 years. i know this is not going to be an over nite process. i have already recieved a capital one and a household unsecured cc. 300 buck limit on each. where do i start. im new so bear with me. i have already spent several hours on here. but i know i have a long way to go.
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    If I were you and in your shoes like I was less than 2 years ago this is what I would do. Take both of those offers right now, your credit scores will rise damn quick with the new positive accounts. Stay away from creditors like FIRST PREMIER or others that charge a monthly fee or otherwise. Those 2 creditors are among the top 10 issures and I would take those. Anyone that charges a monthly fee STAY AWAY FROM!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the Ch7 club. I filed a little over two years ago, also had a sub 500 score. You can see my current scores on my sig.

    As posted above, grab any decent unsecured card - Cap1 for sure. I got a Cap1 card and it went from $300 to $1200, fees got cut in half.

    If you've got any cash at all, find a credit union you can do business with and see if they report on loans. See if you can get a loan based on money you deposit and pay the loan on time.

    Let this be your mantra from now on: Pay Early and Pay Often. Yes, like voting in Chicago, it becomes a way of life. ANY late payment after your Ch7 will really, really, REALLY look bad.

    Try to avoid applying for any credit you know you can't get. This was a mistake I made before I got here and found how much damage excessive inquiries can do.

    If you can, get a secured loan - like a car loan. Generally they're easier to qualify for. I did that in April and I got a loan with Chase, a bank I could not get a credit card from.

    There is life after Ch7, it will take longer than you'd like - but not ten years. Two years after, I can see the possibility of a 700 score within six months.

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