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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JacquiG, Jan 16, 2001.

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    Well, you can now add me to the list of people singing Amex's praises! AMEX closed my first Green acct in 1989-90 after several months of slow/no payments, caught up, then a lost payment. Received my new Green pre-approved in Dec '99, applied for and received Blue this month. The card came on Friday, and I immediately called to see if they could raise the limit. Only asked for increase to $3K. The rep told me she would 'put in for it' (?) and I would hear something in about 3 days. Checked online yesterday, and it was there! It was a shock being approved in the first place, and now this. Almost makes me wish I'd asked for more :)
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    You're so lucky, They won't increase mine from 2k.
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    RE: Here's the secret

    Ok, there is a way of last resort to increase your credit limit on an Amex lending card. Before you try it, speak with Centurion bank and try to get an increase the old fashioned way. Even if you're declined, don't do it unless you absolutely need the increase.

    Apply for a second Amex: the Optima card. Not Optima Platinum, not secured Optima, just plain Optima. Since you already have an Amex credit card, you're likely to be approved.

    Next, call Amex New Accounts department, ask to speak with New Accounts' M.O.R.E. unit. (In a previous message, I've posted M.O.R.E's direct 1-800 #).

    Finally, ask Amex M.O.R.E. rep to move your entire Optima credit line to your first card, and then to close the Optima account.

    I can't, and won't, promise any results. Use at your own risk.


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