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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Jan 25, 2001.

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    To make a long story short, I had a joint checking acount w/ my ex and it was closed w/ a -$1k+ balance. This was in 10/97. In like 7/00 I called BofA to negotiate payment in exchange for removal from Chexsystems. They tried to give me some dog a pony show about if I pay the debt, I could then write a letter to BofA Customer Relations and basically plead my case for removal (paid entries and non paid entries on Chex is one in the same basically and you can't open an account regardless). There was no guarantee. So I didn't fall for the removal=no money from me (especially since it was my ex who overdrew the account to begin with). Well, I never got back to them and then like in ~10/00 I receive a letter from some collection agency in like Spokane Washington regarding the debt. I have not heard anything (via mail or phone) from them since! So, my question is this:

    I was thinking about ordering a copy of my Chex file and disputing the entry in hopes of getting it removed by some fluke miracle (I banked w/ BofA for 10 years...I'm sure they have not forgotten me but it's worth a shot?). I'm afraid that this might cause BofA to contact the agency to pursue the debt further. This collection agency IS NOT listed on any 3 of my reports and has not ran any sort of inquires. What do you think??? I will be off of Chex in 10/02 and I already have a bank account w/ the credit union (ran down there before BofA hit up Chex). I just want to get myself off of the *Black List*. I'm willing to wait but want to hear opinions first.


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    RE: BofA - Chex - Waking up sl

    Hi MP,
    Sorry to here that,I've had an "all in one"acct with them since 95 things goes well so far.
    As for debts concern,this may be tough for the debtor which faces collection manager and attorney etc.
    Unfortunately,one of my friend is being harrass and there's no solution to avoid it.
    Hope everything works out for you.

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    RE: BofA - Chex - Waking up sl

    Since when does paid accounts keep you from opening an account? When I moved from MI to NC, my ex had an acct that was closed due to overdrafts. It was like $50. Well when he tried to put his name on my account, he couldn't but he called the bank, paid the balance and was able to open plenty of accts since.

    Does this mean that bank removed the information? This is good to know because I didn't know banks could keep that info out there. WOW!
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    RE: BofA - Chex - Waking up sl


    It worked for me. I had an account in 1998 and owed $300. I got my Chexsystems report, and disputed the items on it at "Never had NSF activity. Consumer Closed Account", and it came off. I have heard that they take too long to reply, and most of the time it comes off.
    I have gotten 2 checking accounts after that!

    Good luck!!

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    RE: BofA - Chex - Waking up sl

    I guess I should refrase.....if you pay a bank that has you on Chexsystems, they are not obligated to remove the entry. They can just mark it paid. Some banks will let you open up an account w/ a paid Chexsystem entry and some won't! Example: Washington Mutual will not open any checking account if you have been reported to Chex - paid or NOT! The computer will not allow. You can call the bank that you paid your old debt to and ask to be removed from Chex but it's totally at THEIR DISCRESSION. I wasn't willing to take that chance w/ BofA. It's too large of an amount of money that I didn't really owe to begin with.
  6. Cadillac408

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    See what I mean?
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    RE: BofA - Chex - Waking up sl

    that happened to me. I had no problems with chex after i paid my balance. I owed like $200-300 .

  8. roni

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    washington mutual opened my cd account. no problem. I have had no problem at all. I think the problem is some banks remove your name from chexsystem when you pay and some dont.


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