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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marci, Aug 9, 2001.

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    Hi all,

    In follow-up to my earlier Bank of America thread:

    I have discovered two things today:

    1. BofA will in all probability get my checking and savings business due to the excellent customer service I have received in the two weeks I've had my account. I called their main switchboard seeking a credit line increase from the executive office and the next day got a call from an account executive. I got the increase Friday. Yesterday, when my card did not arrive in the anticipated time frame and I called customer service with my concerns, I was told to wait another week and I hung up thinking that was the end of it. Today - I got another call from the same account executive worried about the fact I hadn't received my card yet (!). Luckily I opened my mail before returning her call, and I had gotten the card. We had a great chat (she even gave me her direct line and her personal e-maill addy) in which I was able to ask her what my Trans Union credit score was and she voluntarily told me information about how to raise my score as we went over my TU report together. ANd that leads me to the second thing I learned....

    2. I don't care WHAT the CRA's say, but these consumer scores are not the same or (in my experience) remotely near the lender's scores from the same reports. I had earlier posted my displeasure with Equifax Scorepower's discrepancy with reports pulled the same day (on two separate occasions I did this). My Beacon scores varied on one day by 30 points and another day by 16 points, supposedly for the same Beacon.

    Anyway, the TU consumer score for July 12 was 605. The TU lender score for July 30, per the BofA executive, was 664. This is the true TU score -not a BofA adaptation of it. The only difference from the 12th to the 30th was the addition of a new account and 2 more inquiries (for a total of 9 in last 6 months).

    She also told me that ANY lates - even 30 day lates -really drag down the score and that student loans not in repayment or with high ratios DO hurt the score but not significantly.
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    hmmm... that's interesting. my TU score on july 9 was 600 with 2 student loans with 120 day lates.

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