Bonded Collections of Tucson--HELP!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by texastrini, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. texastrini

    texastrini Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had any dealing with this collections agency?

    This is my case:

    I received a letter on 6/8 stating that I owed them $214.20 from a account sold to them by Emerald Information System. I called them the dame day to inquiry with this was all about and to negotiate a settlement (their best offer $191.20.

    Looking back I did send a check to Emerald for $99 last year June but I had moved and started using one of those new internet banks. So that means other than my notes I have no record. Also Emerald cannot be found nor heard of!

    I call back today to get some more info, life SOL dates and originator of the debt and to try to re-negotiate again. I know owe $215.38,Interest compounded daily, and the best they can do is 20% of interest: $191.92

    the account was from 7/8/95 when I had a car accident and cancelled the policy because it was totaled.

    I am sick of their rudeness--ready to throw in the towel, As it re-aged.

    LKH/DAVe, Help

    I was thinking about sending a criticized letter with a check for a $100 and isay if cashed considered the debt settled. what do you think
  2. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Sending a check with a note stating the debt is satisfied if cashed will not work. I live in Tucson. Call back to Bonded and ask for Brian. Do it tomorrow. I will call him today and tell him you are going to call him to get some answers (if you want) I won't do anything til you post back stating yea or nay.
  3. tltrader

    tltrader Active Member

    You probably extended the SOL when you made the payment last year.
  4. texastrini

    texastrini Well-Known Member

    Call him if it will help. The acct#700756-83.

    LKH, thanks.

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