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    Saw a message today talking about losing momentum in the credit repair process. Also, saw a response to one of my posts about worthknowing giving me an outdated report after I had paid for a new one.

    Anyhow, bothered I feel your pain. The confusion and mistakes made by creditors and the CRAs can be just absolutely draining during this battle.

    But today, I decided to get my b*itch back on and call these people out:

    1) Worthknowing-sent customer service a nasty gram-either update my report or refund my $. Well, got a response saying please check your report, we show one on there pulled 8/7--well, miracles of miracles, the report had been updated. Why do I have to intervene in order to get these people to provide the service that I paid for?

    2) Providian: Denied CL increase, interest decrease TWICE by the customer service reps who have given so many here some props. Today, I told my story via planet feedback. We'll see how that goes.

    3) IKEA: While using an inept CCS ( Consumer Credit Counseling of America, based out of Phoenix, AZ) these people took my money and did not send it to IKEA. AS a result, I have 30, 60, 90 day lates for money that should've been paid out. So I reiterated my complaint to IKEA (sent in a planetfeedback 3 weeks ago, got nowhere). Tomorrow, the BBB of Phoenix will be informed of my malcontentment w/ CCCA.

    Don't let em get you down!
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    Go Keltexx! Go Keltexx! Go Keltexx!

    :::::doing circle motion thingy::::::

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