Bought a house !!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by IncomeHelp, Oct 12, 2001.

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    I did not want to post anything until holding my breath was over. It closed and recorded so now I have the keys and can post.

    Two years ago January I started with Lexington. Had enough success to stick with them until 4 or so months ago when I learned enough from here. I continued myself with little success but still something is better than nothing.

    Went to a big, mostly nationwide mortgage lender with my three credit reports to see what they thought and got positive reactions. I ended up with an FHA approval. They said that is all I could qualify for. I also was approved for a down payer assistance program.

    I will post the scores the tri merge report came up with later. I did have to pay a judgement off in escrow but it was almost payed off anyway. Still that is one less bill each month and that is great. I also had to explain in writing why I was late on each account showing late. The important thing was that the 2 or three still showing late had been charged off, they were that old, so I only had to give an explanation, I did not have to pay them off.

    Oh and the interest rate is 7.5% on $100,000. Found a nice 3/2 and we are very happy. Now we have to do a little work but that is great.

    I really had to sweat a bit because I did not listen to the advice repeated here over and over... After the first credit check I got crazy and applied for, and was approved for Target, Mervyns and Home Depot. I thought for sure I killed it but I guess not. Still I would never do that again and I don't recommend it.

    Thanks to all who post such good advice. I did not think we would be buying a house for several years but now we have and its done.

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    Wow!! Congratulations!!
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