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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JustinP, Nov 20, 2003.

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    I felt this should be posted as a separate thread to get a balanced response. Anyone have a negative experience with this company?

    Original Thread

    >>>>>We are happy customers of Bradley Ross. I would rather them do it, I am not confident enough in myself to do it, not do I have the time. I can tell you our scores have gone from the 500's, My highest is now 724 Experian, lowest 711 Equifax, my DH is 725 Experian highest, 677 lowest Equifax, TU is in the middle.

    DH has 28 deletions, 3 in dispute and 13 in progress
    DW has31 deletions, 5 in dispute and 15 in progress

    This is with a Bk7 and a 120 day into foreclosure process, yes, we saved the house.<<<<<
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    So the person from the original post does not feel like taking responsibility for the management of his or her personal finances? It does not sound like that person learned much from the experience except for the fact that when the going gets tough, you can simply throw up your hands and then start paying someone else a fee so that they can deal with your personal finances! Yeah, that sounds like a real good good plan to me!?! (rolls eyes)
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    Why is it okay that some of you on the boards belittle those of us who don't do our own repair??? I am offended that you would give such a reply. You know nothing about me, and I have acknowledged that I am not confident in myself to do the work that it entails, so I am supposed to screw myself over trying to do it just because so many others can? You judge me harshly and I am hopefully sending the message to others like myself that it's okay to get help. You can sit there and "roll your eyes" but I didn't come to this board to be made of fun of or belittled, I came here for help in rebuilding my credit and hopefully to help out a few others.

    I didn't know other than I guess, according to you, that I wasn't allowed a choice of how to repair and rebuild my credit.

    You see, sitting back and doing nothing or doing it incorrectly would be irresponsible. I have taken charge of my finances and money management
    with help from the Bradley Ross Law Firm, Credit Net, and several other sites. But for them I don't know that I would have started rebuilding as quickly as we have.

    So MS, please don't think that everyone is as capable or as confident as you are.

    Kind Regards............
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    Re: Bradley Ross Law Firm/credit re

    Can someone using their service answer this questions.

    How does their system wrks? They send the letters to credit bureaus on you behalf and you get the corespondence from the credit bureau? Also do you get the certified return receip or does Bradley gets the green card?

    How many letters do they send per month?
    Can you reach them over the phone or just email?
    What type of items have you gotten removed from credit history?
  6. itsmymoney

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    Re: Bradley Ross Law Firm/credit re

    Yes, they send the letters and depending on the tradeline, they decide what needs to be done, you can give them your input.

    I have never asked Misty how many letters she sends in a month, although I know there are several at a time by viewing my credit reports as well as getting a running list (which shows the tl's in dispute) from Misty, our case analyst, about what is going on with EACH credit bureau. Ask and ye shall receive!

    We have had addresses updated, late pays deleted,
    included in bankruptcies deleted, we just got an account corrected that was reporting as IIBK which did not even a have a balance when we filed or were discharged, the car we lost in bk is reporting a 0 balance, paid on time, never late. We have never lost a good tradeline or had any neg's reinserted and accounts now showing a 0 balance that WERE IIBK, but don't report IIBk.

    As soon as I get a credit report, I copy it, keep a copy in my file, send the ORIGINAL to Misty, she emails me back that she has rec'd it, we discuss any questions I may have and I let her go to work on repairing while I work on the rebuilding end of our credit.

    I realize that this is not for everyone and while I am disappointed in the prior post, we all have a choice in how to repair and rebuild our credit. This is what works for us. Again, for those with the stamina and knowledge it takes to do their own repair, my utmost respect. I do not have the confidence in myself to do what they are doing. If I did, I would be doing it, but we are most happy with our results and where would we be if I did nothing at all or I screwed up, which I have read about on the boards, that would be ME!!!

    You can call or email, I prefer emails since then I have a record of what we discussed, I copy it, then it goes into a paper file also.

    Good luck to you on your decision...and don't let anyone make you feel less than because of what you decide is best for YOU!!! ;-)

    Did you read safti and 1shyguy's experiences with BR? They were positive as well........
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    I can honestly say that as a new member of this board, I honestly hope that I will be able to do my credit repair myself. But like itsmymoney, the hours that I work do not always allow me to spend extended time with things that need to be done......I WILL attempt to do this myself and try to encourage others to do the same......but here's the bottom line...

    I don't know if I will succeed.

    We all run the risk of failure whether with repair or rebuilding. I can tell you all that I am scared to death- but not so scared I wouldn't call on a reputable company with which others have had positive experiences if I found myself throwing up my hands.

    I posted a few days ago about Lexington Law....and I spoke from experience. I had no idea there were "good" companies around.

    Point- please don't belittle. Encourage. Everyone has to make their own choices in the end.
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    Well hey MS6073, not all of us who participate on this board LIVE AND BREATHE credit repair! We hire lawyers to file our BK's, realtors to buy our houses, and maids to clean our toilets if we can afford it!!

    We come here for advice, not judgment. So be cool and don't spend your time worrying how other people handle their credit repair. You have other more important things to do, I'm sure.
  9. Hedwig

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    While I haven't paid anyone to do credit repair, I certainly thought about it. It does take a lot of time, which I really don't have. That's why I go in spurts. Fortunately, I have gotten my scores up into the 700s (per PrivacyGuard) and I'm not planning a major purchase anytime soon. So right now I'm pretty slow doing things.

    If I needed to buy another car or house, I would probably pay someone to clean up odds and ends.

    I certainly can't fault someone for paying a company like this. I think itsmymoney is keeping track, not just letting a company run roughshod over his or her credit. That's what I think is important--that you are at least interested in your reports and what's happening. But if you can't afford the time but can afford the money, go for it.

    As others have said, to each his (or her) own. We shouldn't belittle someone for making the choice that is right for them.

    I had a friend who used to volunteer a lot of time for charity work. Then she started her own business and didn't have time for that. But she donated a lot more money. She told me, and I never forgot, that usually you have either time or money, but seldom both at the same time. So donate (or in this case, use) what you have. If the poster has the money but not the time and is comfortable, go for it.
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    In addition to the 50 dollar fee you are paying, do you have to pay for the crr also?

    I agree that each situation is different, I for one am paying Bill but in his case I paid to learn not to let someone do it for me. All be it you can find similar information here. I think what is important at the end is what works for each individual and the fact that the end results are hopefully the same.
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    Re: Re: Bradley Ross Law Firm/credit re

    Have they tried to get the BK's removed? Are they effective against Experian? Do you get 'was previously investigated' and 'using a CRO' letters in the mail all the time?
  12. safti

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    Re: Re: Bradley Ross Law Firm/credit re

    ms6073 I hope you get satisfaction out of being a complete idiot.Who are you to be judge and jury to what others wants and needs are.Get a life.
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    Re: Re: Bradley Ross Law Firm/credit re

    In the last 2 years of credit repair I have, because of boards like this, taken my scores from the low 500s to the high 600s. I've had 2 tax liens removed, charge-offs, several collections and inquiries removed. It's a slow process - it can be tedious - but being able and taking the time to do it yourself has its rewards. I thought many times of paying someone else to do it for me - but there is an affordability issue.

    What I admire most are those who have knowledge, because of this board and others, that corrections to your credit file can be made and that their is hope for those who are willing to take the first step forward.

    All things considered - it's much easier than most people think. What you need most is patience and persistence.

    Keep the faith.
  14. poiu

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    what is there number

    looking for there phone number
    and i check the web page and nothing there
    i tried 2 differnce one and there both disconnected
    are they still in business ?????
  15. Hedwig

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    Well, considering that this thread is five years old, it's no wonder.

    If you have specific questions you need to start a new thread and ask your question.
  16. apexcrsrv

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    God forbid anyone pay for credit restoration. I mean "you can do it yourself."

    I always love that. I'm an attorney too and I never heard the FTC say "you can do it yourself" with respect to litigation.

    Adopting a proper methodology (one with a litigation oriented mindset) for credit restoration is key. There are many pitfalls.
  17. Carl2

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    All I can say is that if the credit repair company ask you to pay set up fee they are braking the law, under the CROA no payments in advance are allowed, also those monthly payments are ilegal under the act This is the reason why the FTC has taken down so many credit repair companies last year.
    If you want to hire a credit repair company make sure to choose one of those that charge only after the service is preformed, pay them only after they delete something from your reports.

  18. apexcrsrv

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    Yes, and you'll get the same response from all of them; i.e., click.
  19. Capitan

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    Bradley Ross Law

    The owner of BRS sold the business to Dana Facemyer.
  20. cap1sucks

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    Its not just credit repair that should be free for everyone without having to pay (heaven forbid) someone to do it for you, but attorneys should always work for free too. After all, they ought to be able to sit in forums like this one all day and just tell everyone exactly what to do and how to do it, even prepare their paperwork for them and post it in forums such as this one for free so nobody has to pay for anything. And if wishes were horses beggars would ride too, now wouldn't they? (LOL)

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