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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tuit, Apr 2, 2001.

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    Again my thanks to you both for your help, I will go to the creditnet site I think I was there once today but probably didn't navigate properly. I have found one site that you may not know about (probably do) I found it very helpful in outlining the basics in plain words. Maybe it will be helpful to have on hand when you get another dummie like me.

    Also I found the civil Justice-Network Participants, they are in Maryland.

    at this site they have a long list of attorney's, only a few listed for consumer debt. I e-mailed two of them and one has e-mailed me back, but won't be in the office until tuesday but gave me her voice mail number if I needed to talk to her immediately.....really nice huh! Anyway the site is "Equal Justice" just wanted to share, incase you don't know the site.

    I am still searching the web trying to learn but I think I am pretty much a dead soldier! Anyway I won't give up even if I have to go into court and face the pros. (serve them right if I pee my pants) Anyway will be back to bug you guys you can bet.....many many thanks for your help. TML
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    Re: here it is

    Don't give up! Just remember, if it were going to betotally easy, your creditors {all of them} would have moved long ago! Hopefully you can find some help.

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