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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShyGuy, Apr 23, 2001.

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    Hope you're enjoying the shore. We did the broadwalk yesterday.

    How does the prepaid plan you sell operate? The one offered by my credit union is $50/year. I receive unlimited one-hour consulations and 25 percent off any other services from a participating attorney. Is yours similar?

    What about "pre-existing" conditions? Is a pre-existing that my insurance company is denying a claim, so now I want an attorney to write a letter complaining about it? Is it pre-existing that my credit report is wrong and I want to talk to an attorney about my rights and options? Is it pre-existing that my wife was in a fender bender and I want to talk to an attorney about how to deal with the insurance company? (In none of these matters has any legal matters been taken.)

    Anyway, my CU's plan sounds like a good deal, but I have nothing to compare it with. Your insights would be great.
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    I'm not Breeze but hope this helps you some: see if they can provide you a list of attorneys who "participate" in the plan. if you cannot find a suitable attorney to handle your needs, (i.e. credit, litigation, contracts, etc.) it may not be the best option. Many times the referrals are new attorneys or sole practioners trying to build their practice. While not all are bad, you do want an attorney who can handle what you need and not trying to build his practice and/or gain experience at your expense.
    Sorry, cant help with the pre-exist without seeing your contract. As you posted, it can be interpreted in different ways.
    Hope this helps

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