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  1. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Just curious to know if your blue Amex has started reporting your limits?? I see a few posters have mentioned they recently starting doing this.

    I plan on getting blue next, and if they are now reporting limits this makes it better in my book.
  2. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    LOL, what Blue card??
    When I got that preapproval thingy online, I filled out the little form, and clicked, got the confirmation page, and so I waited, and waited and card came. so after about 2 weeks I called to check on it. The gal said she didn'tsee the card in the system yet, but to wait sometimes it takes a while. so I waited. I check my reports - no inquiry - so I thought great! They really do preapprove based on your record with them. Waited - no card. I called again - no card. The gal said "see if you can do it again...maybe something went wrong." I haven't done it, LOL.

    Got 2 more of the preapproval thingies in the mail (that's in addition to the online notice)....what the heck? I was just kind of disappointed, then I thought, well I'll do it later. I have too many cards as it is. I have paid off 2 and closed the accounts. Got a couple more to go then I will do it I think.

    Interesting story, huh? Another AmEx app lost online somewhere.........

    Oh, in addition to that, on June 20, I got a hard inquiry from AmEx on my TU CR. But nothing from them telling me what it was for.

    Huh¿ what was that¿

  3. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Sorry breeze, I could have swore you had the blue card. Dang I guess I should not get too excited if I happened to get the preapproval for blue online
  4. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Wait for the offer to come in the mail. It came a few weeks after the online offer. I think USPS is more reliable than their website.

    I told everyone when I got the preapproval, that's why you thought I had it, but I didn't go into it when it got screwed up - I wasn't sure what happened, and it was just wierd.

  5. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks breeze, I will wait for preapproval through mail, that is of course if they ever offer it to me.

    I should have known better about the online thing, a few weeks back they offered me the chance to add someone to my optima account, funny I don't have an optima account LOL.
  6. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Right!! hahaha I had something on mine about Optima account also - don't have one either.

    I could go ahead and send it in, but what the heck, if I'm good enough for it now, I'll be even better later. :D


    GEORGE Well-Known Member


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