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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Steve S., May 17, 2000.

  1. Steve S.

    Steve S. Guest

    Has anyone used the "accord and satisfaction" services offered to eliminate debt at I am considering using them but want to make sure they are legit.
  2. vegas1

    vegas1 Member

    I used B & B and the restrictive endorsement and I though everything was fine and well. But 11 months later it has come back to haunt me it would see, as I started getting letters from Arbitrators, collection peoplse and now attorneys. I was told in no uncertain terms by Ernesto Mello of B&B when asked if they had any recourse afer the letters went out with the porposed payments and then they cashed the checks. Well as far as I know I din't hear a peep from the creditors and I have to assume that B&B didn't either and all checks were cashed and I have them . So why are these snkes csuign me problems now if Accords and Satisfaction is a legal remedy and that the letter I have from the attorney says these debts have been legally extinguished, and that any contact with me is a violation of my rights?
  3. jartiga

    jartiga Member

    I am currently thinking about using Briggs and Baker but after reviewing the previous messages regarding other lawyers coming back for the same debt 11 months later, I am not sure? Can someone help me.
  4. vegas1

    vegas1 Member

    I think you can do as well or beter by using the web and getting possibly a finance lawyer to advise you. I am fight Briggs and Baker hard and am looking for anyone who has had bad experiences with them to email me. May build a web site solely to gather and diseeminate information to those affected by B & B.

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