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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jerry Moor, May 19, 2000.

  1. Jerry Moor

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    I broke a 9 month lease in January 1996 in Austin Texas. I lived there only one month then split. When I applied no credit check was done and I was let in because a apartment referal service was "good friends" with the manager. I had lousy credit with 15 unpaid collections and a student loan in default. What I want to know is if the apartment complex can still sue me for the lease. Or is it to late.
  2. Arthur

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    It all depends on the Statuate of Limitations in your state, I was in a similar situation, HOWEVER, they fooled me (the rental complex) by putting the word SEAL next to my name, that basically negates the SOL, and makes the debt enforceable for 12 years in my state and in many others, see, when they put the word seal next to your name, and you sign it, it makes it a "specialty" contract, and thus avoids the normal SOL, if the word seal was not on the contract, then most likely the SOL has passed, and you have nothing to worry about, but I know that it is a common trick for the major rental co's to do this.

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