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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by P A, Mar 27, 2000.

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    In the summer of 1996 I got a management job in Austin Texas and since I had bad credit I went to a free apartment locator service telling them about my situation. A person from the agency drove me to a decent complex and I signed a 9 month lease with no credit check. Due to a serious crisis I was forced to break my lease after two months and slipped out at night embarassed because I had spoken so highly about my future with the apartment manager and I felt confident I would meet my obligations. To this day I have never opened two certified letters sent to my parents' home from the apartment manager and I have heard nothing. Since that time I have worked extra hard and have many paid collections which are already subject to statutory deletion this year. However, the address in Austin appears on my Experian credit report (not the others) and I am wondering if this will have an adverse affect on my prospects when I start shopping for a mortgage. I am saving money right now and living with my family (have been since I broke the lease back in 96). Can I "pay off" the apartment complex to delete their address? Or is that even necessary.
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    Open those letters you got. Maybe
    they say, "it appears you will not be
    using the apartment, therefore we are
    taking possession of it and your lease
    is terminated for non-payment. We are
    sorry if you are having some sort of personal
    problems. We wish you all the best."

    But I guess we know they are pissed off since they reported you to the credit bureau.

    They may settle, but more likely they will
    sue you for the full amount if you contact
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    Re: RE: Broken Leases And Rental B

    Doubt it as it is likely beyond D.O.L.
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    So, the old address shows up. Does some sort of collection show up from the complex? Its been about 7 years.

    If its just the address, call them and tell them you do not recognize it.

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