Building a free debt-advisor mobile app – need your feedback!

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    Hi Creditnet!

    I’ve been a long-time lurker and seen so many examples of people requesting help and the CreditNet community rallying to give them smart recommendations and sage advice.

    Over the past several months, it’s inspired my friend and I to quit our jobs and work full-time on building a (free) mobile app to help people get out of debt through personalized insights, recommendations, and coaching/ alerts. Our goal is to make the process simpler and more automated so someone doesn’t need to be a personal finance expert (or have access to amazing experts on these forums) to get out of debt as efficiently as possible.

    **Some of what we are thinking:** An app made **specifically** for getting out of debt that…
    1) Securely connects to your accounts and easily pulls in information
    2) Acts as a single portal for viewing your debt
    3) Helps you understand your debt and how changes (e.g. to monthly payments) impact your timeline
    4) Creates a step-by-step plan based on your unique personal situation (e.g. need to lower your monthly payments vs. pay more to get out of debt faster)
    5) Helps you understand and evaluate ways to reduce your interest rates
    6) Tracks your progress over time
    7) Coaches you along the way and alerts you if you get off track
    8) Will be your trusted advisor along the way. We will work to help **you**, not the big banks!
    9) And more (eventually including payments, credit score, spending tracking, budgeting, etc)

    **The tagline we’re currently playing with is:** Building a “Google Maps” for getting out of debt :)

    We're now in the process of doing user research before building the app. It’s a lofty goal, so **we’d love to hear from the community about what features/ capabilities will be most important to include in our first version.** I know many here here are currently dealing with debt (I’ve been DMing with several of you) or have dealt with debt in the past. If you’re one of them, we would GREATLY appreciate your feedback, either in comments below or in this survey:

    Your feedback will help us build the best app possible and (hopefully) change some lives along the way.

    Thank you!

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