Bush/Gore- What Cards Do They

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dogman, Oct 16, 2000.

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    OK - this is Dog relaxxing Monday night.


    What credit cards do they carry? I expect there may be many responses, conceivably some sarcasm could occur. Humor OK if in self improvement 12 laugh program.

    BUSH - Amex Plat / Citibank /
    Cross Country Bank ( he'll cross that country and help every 1% rich bank and person get that tax break).

    GORE - AMEX Blue / Amex Plat /
    Aspire Visa - who else dares GORE the public with 40% rates?

    OK.... anyone, anyone?
  2. Momof3

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    RE: Bush/Gore- What Cards Do T

    LOL thanks dogman, i am trying to think of some others
  3. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: Bush/Gore- What Cards Do T

    Good subject possibilities? :)
    Hi Mom!
  4. AMEX  rep

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    RE: Bush/Gore- What Cards Do T

    Because Gore wants to save the environment, he carries cash or checks and no credit cards (chooses paper over plastic). Actually, since he wants to spend 3 times more than Clinton did and the most in the past 35 years, he definately carries an AMEX card with no pre-set limit. Of course it is the Personal "Green" card since he is a "greeny" and wants to save the environment--no need for gold or platinum since those are minerals that we should not dig up because that would destroy precious land and unravel the fragile ecosystem. I think also Blue would be in his wallet since he invented the "internet" and wants to take advantage of the smart chip technology that he also invented! Gore also carries the MBNA Nature Conservancy MC when he can't use his AMEX green card

    Bush--he carries the AMEX Senior Member Gold (not green since Gore carries that) card because it used to offer a feature called "ask the pharmasist" and his plan for prescription drugs would bring it back and allow seniors to choose this option instead of Medicaid or Gore's plan. Or, he carries the Gold Delta Skymiles credit card from AMEX which now gives double miles on purchases at drug stores. This way Bush rewards seniors for choosing his plan over Gore's. Bush also will issue the MBNA Freedom Series military cards to all enlisted men and women to boost moral and strengthen our military.

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