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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Renae, Jul 1, 2000.

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    I recently received a credit card application in the mail from US Bankinviting me to apply a business VISA. I'm not sure why I received this. I have horrible credit although I am working my way back by being responsible with the partially secured cards that I have. The app does have a section that must be completed by an officer of the company which includes financial infomation. I am in sales and travel extensively. The company does not currently issue company cards. Seeing as I was solicited as an individual, I'm wondering if I can convince my company to complete this section for me. But the question is, do they use my credit or theirs? There is also a section for personal information on myself. Can anyone offer any assistance here?
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    Most banks will look at the credit worthiness of the signing officer. They may or may not look into your personal credit file if you apply thru your employer. Most of the time they will issue the individual a card even with bad credit because utimately the officer signing on the card will have the credit and will be responsible for your charges. You may have to do some convincing to get them to sign for you. Good luck.

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