By playing games with the.....

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by am, Apr 22, 2001.

  1. am

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    system in which creditnet/straight talk operates, one becomes the sames as trollers we have all had so many isssues with in the much too recent past...and present.
    For our environment to help and nurture us, we must *respect* it~~or we become as that which we revile.
    These present games...this is the first time I can honestly say that I am upset and dissappointed in the behavior by, until now, persons I had highly regarded.
    I no longer wish to be an active participant in this forum. I wish everyone the best and sincerely hope the crude manipulation and abuse of this our "own" even, is halted as soon as possible and it will once again be a positive, information rich board.
    Please, take accountability for your actions.

  2. Reshod

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    Re: By playing games with the.

    Please do not interrupt the comments of one as the voice of the whole. I do not accept Lizard's actions of behaviors and there is no excuse for an individual to treat one another in such a untolerable way. We th long timers, welcome you at

    We have no desire to turn away anyone who requires the knowledge that we have obtained. We are a sharing and loving community who would love to have you and other grace us with your questions and comments.

    So please do not let the actions of one deter you from this board.

    I as a man, apologize for the comments that were said to you and other women on this board.

    I assure you that the majority of the posters here at share my view point.

    Please Stay,

  3. Dani

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    Re: By playing games with the.


    I agree with Ann Marie. It's not just one person who caused this. It's regarding people who were highly respected by me for their knowledge and information how somehow done a 180. It's one thing if we bond together as a group against such individuals as Bobby, but when we turn on each other... I wish everyone the best and hopefully this board will return to what it once was.

  4. marci

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    Re: By playing games with the.

    As Curiouser so aptly said, the problem is one in which a few people think that this is their individual "personal playground" of which they are the sole owners.

    When people begin to realize that a *public* message board is for the *public* and that
    one-upmanship has no place here, then maybe the CreditNet forum will survive the demise of
    other credit boards on the web. I'm not so hopeful, since the people who pride themselves the
    most on contributing to this board are the very ones creating the atmosphere for it's downfall.

    A sad thing to see...

  5. Shantel

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    Re: By playing games with the.

    I don't know happened and I, I KNOW I'm glad I don't. However, my posting on the board are becoming lighter and lighter. I will still come by the view info that I deem as valid info or questions.

    I haven't been on here that long (since Jan) but I know it's gotten progressively worse. The atmosphere started with Bobby/Sue, whatever and has been like a cancer. Pretty much what Bobby/Sue/whoever was looking to do. Sure, maybe LK said what he said...I'm not denying it or condoning it...I'm just saying, if you play with trash, it gets in your eye (as my Dad says). And the longer the board as been playing with Bobby/Sue, it's gotten in some of our eyes.

    I'll return to lurking around for valid info, success stories from those who benefit from the truly valuable info and let it be that.

    To all those who HAVE offered some of the greatest info...Jim (I luv u man!), Momof3, Roni (I have printed our SEVERAL of your're my hero) and the COUNTLESS others (you know who you are), you ARE appreciated.

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