Bye bye CCB :)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newcomer2, Nov 24, 2000.

  1. newcomer2

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    Well I finally did it. I closed the CCB Account. 0 Balance. They send me to retention And the rep was like could I do anything to make you Keep this Account, I gave her a Big fat no, Offcourse she turned into a Bi##% After that But it's worth it . lol To Bad I still Have to send the Credit card in most bankx just do it over the phone. It's a good start though 1 out of 10 accounts down, I've Had them for 4 months And noticed what a big mistake I did once I joined the board . :)
    Good luck everyone
  2. roni

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    good for you newcomer2. Nobody has to endure CCB. I just starting dating this guy who has one of their cards. He mentioned to me one night that they call him before the payment is due. My aunt has it also and they closed her account when she was late. I am so glad I never even heard of them before reading boards like this one. They are not big in nyc. In philly where i livenow, i see the ccb card all the time.

  3. newcomer2

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    That Card needs to be earised from the face of this planet. Worst reps in the world, who are blatintly rude. I mean being sub-prime dosn't entitle you to be rude specially when most other subprime cards have great customer service. Plus if you have enough money to start up a credit card corp . I'm sure you could set up an 800 number where you don't have to pay per option ! you even pay when you make an E payment !! how cheap could they get ! I didn't keep it for long only 4 dreadful months which they slammed me with a over limit fee for 50 cents after being late on posting my payment !
    All I could say is good Bye Royally !lol
  4. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    One suggestion...DEFINITELY get acknowledgement in writing that your account is closed. CCB has a habit of "forgetting" that your account is closed when yearly fee time comes around, and suddenly you have fees...suddenly you have late charges...and they have you...and even more mysterious will be that the person you talked to on the phone will not be there anymore and no one will have any record of any notes in your file..

    Also, watch your next statement closely. If you charged anything last month, you likely still owe matter what they tell'll get a statement, assume your account is closed, and then if there is a balance, and ignore the payment, then you get hit with a fee. Realize CCB in their terms and agreement says you MUST close the account in writing, MUST send the card and any checks back, and MUST not have a balance at the time of closing. WATCH YOUR NEXT FEW STATEMENTS VERY CLOSELY!!

    The best way to close a CCB account is to not charge for a month, send a larger than due payment that will give you a credit balance (verrrry important..), and THEN put in writing that you want your account closed.
    Closing a CCB account is usually a 60 day process....hard to believe, but true...

    The best way to get a confirmation that your account is closed is to write the DE offices a letter, asking them to confirm the status of your account. COPY THE DE STATE BANKING COMMISSION...and then you will get a response that confirms in writing that your account is closed.

    If you have done things similar to what I described above, you should be ok, but never, ever trust anything anyone from CCB tells you on the phone...their track record over the years us that they are very, very "forgetful"...

    Feel free to e-mail me direct if you have any other questions.
  5. miles

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    You are right Don. That is how I closed my account. I had a 0 balance for a couple months & then sent a letter stating that I wanted my account "closed at consumer's request". I sent the card back in two pieces. Surprisingly, I had no problems closing my account. They sent a letter confirming closure & my credit reports reflect such. Any other way of closing your account would be questionable to say the least. :)
  6. newcomer2

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    Thankx don
    I excatly Did that .. I had A credit balance on the account . And Typed a letter demanding a confirmation letter . and all the things stated. I took the appropriate steps when it came to CCB :) thankx for the advice .

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