ca acct deleted by phone!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bfllover, Nov 1, 2001.

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    This is a co account-medical from 1999--$164.I first found it on my report when started here in july.I called them and asked for deletion/exch for payment they said no-against the law even eafter talking to a supervisor.So I figured I would do all the letters--but did not.Well-now I am making an offer on a house and sorry I was lazy.I see some people posted med coll do not mean much-but still wanted it gooooone!So--this morning I was thinking maybe I will fax a letter--then thought I will phone again,This ca is in my same city.Figured I would get a diff rep and I did but he said well you talked to so and so in july so I will give you to her.Well GREAT-I ask nicely again she said no.I say please--I really thought insurance was going to pay this-again nicely she said no.I said pleas-may I talk to a manager-I will pay today-pleaaaase.She did not even put him on the phone,but talked to him herself.She came back and said yes-he said yes-but get over here today because we update today.I said I am on my way!!!!!!!Drove over-paid got the letter stating they would delete tradeline from all 3 cra-stating in error .Maybe being the 31st had something to do with a yes or someone being in a good mood.But am a Happy camper today!!!!!!
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    bfl - I really hope they delete it for you and don't back out because you have already paid.

    I always love the "Legally we are not allowed to delete accurate information" answer, I respond with "What law requires you to report anything?" And "Will you agree NOT to respond to a verification if I contest this with the CRA?"

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