CA calling from 913-000-0000

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mark, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. mark

    mark New Member

    anyone know what CA this is? everytime they call the callerid says 913-000-0000
    I know its a CA just for the fact that I answered once and they asked to speak to my full name, which I never go by ;p.
    my response was the usual 'you have the wrong number' hehe
  2. georgiaboy

    georgiaboy New Member

    Mark, ive never seen a phone # that has 7, 0s in it,, Ive a feeling they have some kind of block on the numbers.
  3. mark

    mark New Member

    ya, that is what im thinking too. i have a service on my phone that keeps numbers without callerid from getting through (anon numbers), I guess this is there way of getting past that.
  4. georgiaboy

    georgiaboy New Member

    Maybe this will help, maybe it wont:

    Host 913 HellNet 913 Hub Site We Need One Anywhere KS 1-913-000-0000

    # found at this site, ive no idea what this site is lol

    Maybe there calling via computer???
  5. BAlZebub

    BAlZebub New Member

    There is a new 'telemarketing' device out which allows companies to send any number and identity they desire to your caller id. This allows them to get around people using privacy director, caller id and other devices to screen calls. They 'claim' its so they can put something like 'mastercard' with a real number the person can call back to but everyone knows that is BS and its a way to send a number/identity they think will get the phone answered.

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