CA caught in lies-Who Wants Videot?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mozilla, May 19, 2001.

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    I have a three hour videotape of a collection agency representative testifying in a deposition. She states the most outrageous things. 1) In updating information to CRA's she never deleted prior payment history derogatories that were false, 2) Never reported the accounts as disputed, 3) Never checked the "add, change, delete" boxes at the top of the universal data form.

    Another employee (not on videotape) testified that she always noted the closed date on the universal data form as 7 years after the date a debt was paid off.

    The tape is really sinister when you see it. She essentially testifies that when an account was disputed, she didn't have the clearance to change the borrowers status in their system if it was wrong. In my case, she wrote me a letter stating my account was paid in full. However, the status was never updated to paid in full in the system. It is clear from the tape that that was the way it was done. The borrower gets told his loans were paid in full, but the status never gets changed to paid in full in the system. So, of course, the false information goes right back on the credit report next time an update is done. This is really worth seeing. I'll send free tapes out to the first 10 persons who email me.
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    The Feds have to start putting these people in prison for this crap.

    I had a Citibank account that was discharged in my bk-13. To this date they have verify to EQ that this is a charge-off with a balance of $2600.00. I even received CA calls as late as last March.

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    That crap doesn't suprise me at all. I sent a letter and later called Experian to get a discloser of how they "verified" my disputes. I got the response to "look at my credit report for the creditor they contacted". Grrr.
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    I am beginning to think that the CRAs all have spedial "stupid replies" departments who do nothing but sit around and figure out how to come up with the most meaningless and stupid replies possible.
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    Re: CA caught in lies-Who Wants Vid

    Why don't you send them to consumer/ legal/ financial reporters?

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    Re: CA caught in lies-Who Wants Vid

    You guys would just love the stuff I've seen in my case. Probably melt down all the way to China. I have different lawyers both claiming my accounts were compromised and settled. But get this. They also admit I paid every cent I owed. Now, how do you end up with a compromised account on something that you paid every cent you owed? Can you believe this? Two different lawyers saying the same rediculous horse shot. Here is how it worked. NELA charged a 31.13% upfront fee (which was illegal because payments were supposed to be assessed collection charges on a per payment basis in-line with the dept of ed). However, upon consolidation, I was supposed to only pay an 18.5% fee (since they don't have to work as hard to collect it). So, even though they admit that I only was supposed to pay 18.5%, they consider the reduction from the illegally front-loaded 31.13% fee to be a settlement. But it gets better. My account statement shows they assessed both the 31.13% and the 18.5% fee and never reversed the 31.13% fee. So, as of last week my account still showed 3488.45 in outstanding collection fees although they claim to have never sent me a bill. The problem is that the 3488.45 kept updating to the CRA's and they wouldn't fix it. It turns out their system won't allow a change in status unless the account reaches a zero balance. Of course, they claim they cannot generate a reversal entry and the only way to get the status updated was for me to pay the 3488.45. What they didn't know was that I sent a payment for the 3488.45 a week before the deposition, which they cashed. This really pissed them off and I got a refund check in today's mail. I think they were afraid that they would trigger FDCPA liability. However, they told me my status would revert back to PD (instead of PF or paid in full). What can you do besides sue.

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