CA deletes, CRA verifies?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by gmaof1, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. gmaof1

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    I disputed several medical accounts, first with the CA, then with the CRA's. The CA has sent me a letter saying all accounts will be removed. I pulled my credit report from Privacy Guard and it now says under TU "Dispute Resoved, Customer disagrees". I have yet to get anything from TU regarding these accounts, but I'm taking that to mean they verified them?
    Since I have the letter from the CA saying they will be deleted, what is the next step I take with TU?
  2. jam237

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    With TU, I have usually needed to dispute once the letter was received, however, wait until the report confirming that it was verified is received, then send a certified letter to the CA, and to TU with the copy of the letter, and asking the CA: "If according to your company's letter dated xx/xx/xxxx you were going to delete, then why did your company verify the tradeline with TransUnion on xx/xx/xxxx."

    I was about to say that I have never had TransUnion delete an entry off of my TransUnion report when the company sent an update or deletion request; but I just remembered by a miracle, the letter that I sent to one OC's attorney threatening them with the full wrath of everything that I could throw at them for every FCRA violation they had committed, if they didn't delete the duplicate tradelines on my credit reports, and stop reporting invalid addresses, TransUnion must have actually processed it because my dispute on the one duplicate was marked that the account no longer exists... ;)

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