CA just won't give up

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by breana902, Aug 4, 2003.

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    I sent a CA a validation letter, got a response and sent the estoppel since they didn't provide proper validation. They sent the same letter. I also sent them a non pp letter because they pulled a hard inquiry on my TU report. Again I received another letter back from them stating they had pp to view my reports and again they provided the same incomplete validation. Here is a copy of what they are sending me. Am I missing something? Are these people just not going to go away unless I sue them?

    "I am in receipt of your correspondence lated July 10, 2003. Please allow this letter to serve as a response to that correspondence.
    Please be advised that I responded to your initial correspondence dated May 28, 2003 on June 27, 2003 (a copy of this letter is enclosed for your reference). As stated in my prior letter, EMCC, Inc. with offices located at 33 Riverside Drive, Pembroke, MA 02359, purchased the above referenced account. The original indebtedness was incurred with First Western National Bank, a federally chartered national banking association, with offices located at 501 Main Street, PO Box 719, La Jara, Colorado 81149, for the opportunity to use personal computer software to communicate for internet banking services with Corporation, a Delaware corporation, with offices located at 1840 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303. The remaining balance on the account that was assigned and transferred to EMCC, Inc. is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Dollars ($xxx.xx).
    I believe this letter adequately responds to your request. Please contact Mary Smith of our servicing department at 1-800-880-8899 ext. 3139 to make arrangements for payment on this account."
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    Sounds like it. Why don't you reply and say that you "don't recall having an account with First Western National Bank." Tell them that you need more than their word that you owe this money, you need PROOF, and they are required to give you that proof or cease collection actions and delete it from your credit report.

    If they send the same kind of nonsense, sue them!!!
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    Will do that. Thanks.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member owe me $200...I HAVE NO PROOF but you will pay because I say you owe it...RIGHT???

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    Noobie question : What is a "non PP letter" ?

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    Re: Re: CA just won't give up

    Non Permissible Purpose letter - someone pulled your credit file without any purpose allowed by FCRA.
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    Re: Re: CA just won't give up

    Ok I have a newbie question now. I didnt see this explained anywhere.
    What is the difference between a hard and soft inquiry and what is legal and what is not??
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    Re: Re: Re: CA just won't give up

    others see hards but not softs.

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