CA marked account PAID- Want it off

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bigdummy, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. bigdummy

    bigdummy Active Member

    Well, a CA I have been battling for the last two months for validation, etc. has now marked my account paid. These idiots must think I'm an idiot!

    Obviously, I want it removed. What type of letter should I write to get them to remove it completely. I still haven't heard from EQ regarding the procedural request I sent them for validation. Should I wait to see if they remove it?

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. bigdummy

    bigdummy Active Member

    self serving bumparoo.
  3. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    What violations do you have on the CA if any?
  4. bigdummy

    bigdummy Active Member

    Before they marked this paid, I was preparing to sue for no validation and continued reporting. I'm sure they had failed to dispute, but I screwed up and didn't print out my CR before I disputed with the CRA, so I have no way to prove it. I was going to hit them for a hard inquiry they made as well, although I know the whole PP issue gets murky regarding hards and accounts in collection.

    I'm guessing I could still sue for improper reporting, since now they are saying its paid, nor has it been validated.

    I'm just not sure what to do at this point.
  5. chrisb

    chrisb Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: CA marked account PAID- Wan

    The nutcase letter approach supposedly works for paid accounts, and since you have "proof" on your credit report that they claim it to be paid then you shouldn't have to worry about it.

    It's worth a try, and keep disputing it every 45 days or so on the Credit Report.

  6. bigdummy

    bigdummy Active Member

    Re: Re: CA marked account PAID- Wan

    The thing is- I never paid them! I don't want this marked as paid, the debt doesn't exist, and for some reason, these boneheads must think by marking it paid, I'll be happy with that.

    I think I'll send an ITS with paperwork filled out, and see what happens after that.

  7. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: CA marked account PAID- Wan

    Chaging it to paid is not validation.
    Not marking it in dispute is a violation.

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