CA sent me wrong debt amount.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by quigs, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Just recently got a letter from a collection agency who said I owed them 1900.00, I immediatley contacted them. I knew that the original amount was only 521.00, so I figured they had done some funny stuff. They told me that they had grouped together both of my relatives accounts with mine since I had the same last name and address. Is this a violation of the FDCPA, under misrepresenting debt? They told me I owed only 521.00 after they checked on it, but I do have the letter they sent me demanding the 1900 immediatley. Thanks for any info ..
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    If they just made a mistake (which they'll claim), you probably wouldn't get anything awarded in court. You should have contacted them by letter, and just ask for validation.

    In fact, before you do anything else, send them a validation letter. If the only thing you have in writing is for the $1900, send the validation for that. If they've sent another letter, base the validation on that.

    When you get their response that you owe the lesser amount, if they haven't VALIDATED, send another validation letter.

    You should also ask them to contact you only in writing. And do the same. Don't talk to them, and don't take their calls. Writing only--you need a paper trail.

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