CA sold debt to another CA without validating first

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ndeagle621, May 7, 2013.

  1. ndeagle621

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    Im just looking for some help. I received notice from a CA in the mail. I sent a validation letter and never heard back from them. I then a couple months later received another letter from a different CA.
    What do I do? Should I send and Estoppel letter? And to whom? The 1st or 2nd or both CA's? If I am correct, doesn't the first CA need to respond back to me, and can not just sell the debt off to another CA?
    Please help! I really appreciate any responses!!
  2. jam237

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    IF it were ME, I would file a suit against CA #1 for violating the FDCPA, the false and misleading representation that the transfer or sale of the account would subject the consumer to actions prohibited by the act (the resumption of collection activity on an unvalidated debt).

    I would file a suit against CA #2 for violating the FDCPA, for the same grounds.

    2 suits @ $1,000.00 thanks for playing, and I would ask CA #2 if any of their friends would want to write me out a check as well?

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