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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by hth316, Jul 3, 2001.

  1. hth316

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    Hey y'all,

    Just cancelled Junum today because I signed up w/ them back in 3/20, and they've only accomplished 1 round (2 of 10 negs deleted). Too slow for me, plus got a called from the post office about their mailings which I didn't liked. I wouldn't have cared what was in their letter if only they had me forwarded my disputes for them. Anyway..

    I've sent the CRA's certified letter requesting for the business addr., contact person, ext if avail. I believe that the CRA has 15 days to furnish me w/ this info, no?

    If/once I do get these info, how long do the CAs have to send proof of validation? I noticed someone stating here that the CAs were going to take 90 days to respond. Is this so?

    I have 8 negs left for 3 CBs.
    6 of the 8 are by the same 2 negs which are:

    1: unpaid $3400 tech school bill which is > 5yrs old.
    sol in kansas is up, so using this tactic of
    having CA validate or delete this acc.

    2: paid $120. co-pay dental bill which I never
    received. it's 4½ yrs since last act. I was
    thinking of using my sister's address in NY,
    this falls off CR after 5 yrs if disputed, no?

    my tag: 8 to go..
  2. Nave

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    Yea Himmel, I remember when you signed up! Sorry to hear that, I hope you still get some results from the disputes they sent out that may have not come back yet. Good luck with your next step, I know I will have to do the same sometime. (unless Junum cleans my report 100% but I don't think that is realistic thinking.) Better success is due you soon, keep chugging away! Again, Good Luck!

  3. hth316

    hth316 Member

    Thanks for the encouragement Dave!

    Got beacon up2 625 from 595 w/ 1 neg. removed.

    So, how long does the Collection Agency have to
    give proof/validate the debt in question?

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