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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by connorw, Sep 25, 2003.

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    We've all seen what happens when 51 million people call out for the same thing. Consumers called out for a way to stop telemarketers from calling. Sure it got struck down by some dork judge yesteraday in OK, the FTC appealed to the 10th circuit Supreme court, and today Congress voted 412-8 to do what needs to be done to get it through. The Senate is expected to do the same thing.

    How did this happen? Years of complaints (like CAs), but also years of voters telling there senate and congress critters to pass such a law or I ain't votin for ya next time.

    The Acts, federal and state, inplemented to protect consumers from collectors are not working. Maybe we need to start a grass roots campaign to get a new law passed. Something that would:

    - Forbid CAs from calling you on the phone at all

    - any conversation by phone with a CA would be recorder, transcribed and a copy sent to the consumer.

    - Make all contact from a CA in writing, Certified or other method with proof of delivery.

    - Make them validate the debt BEFORE they contact you.

    - Make any violation subject to a $5000, accumulating penalty paid to the consumer, not including any fines the government may assess.

    - Make CRAs 100% liable for any incorrect information on their reports, if the accept an item they must be able to defend it in court 100%.

    - Make violating CRAs subject to a $10000 penalty payable to the consumer per violation, plus any fines assesed by the government

    - Allow for punative and actual damages.

    - All penalties, fines, damages accumulative with NO cap.

    - Force CRAs to provide consumers, free of charge, an updated copy of their credit report ANY time there is a change, deletion, additon, etc. Validation proof within 10 business days at the request of the consumer.

    In otherwords 100% proof prior to any action with the burden of proof on the CAs and CRAs.

    I figure they've been screwing consumers for long enough. It's time for the consumers to fight back,

    Just some thoughts spawned by what happens when consumers decide they want something. If it takes a constitutional amendment, then so be it.

    Put the heat on the local congress and senate critters as well as the state reps and it will happen.

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